Who was able to catch this week’s episode of Bargain Mansions!? If you were able to tune in, I’m so curious to hear your all’s thoughts! For those of you who weren’t able to watch, I’ll catch you up to speed here. Last night’s episode featured the jaw-dropping 3-story 1892 Craftsman, the Warwick house! (Also known as the BRICK house!) This house had amazing bones to build on and so many qualities that people die for to have in their homes. My favorite feature of all was the huge amount of exposed brick (hence the name) and you better believe I wanted to save every inch of it! The house also had beautiful window details and luckily, our crew was able to preserve all of them!

Like the Charlotte house, this home was also being utilized as separate apartments, so my main goal was to open up the floor plan and restore it back to a modern, single family home. Let’s get started by taking a closer look at the entryway, kitchen, and living space!

As soon as I walked in the door, I realized there was SO much to love about this house . Just look at the entryway! The exposed brick, the wide doors, the the wooden bannister! It had so much character that was actually in pretty decent shape! It was just a little dated 😉 You can’t see it in this photo, but to the left was an old pocket door that led to the dining room. It was also in really good condition. See below! 

As cool as this door was, it was closed in with sheetrock on the other side. I assume it was to create privacy for the person using the dining room as a bedroom….Needless to say, my first priority was opening this baby up!

Artwork: Leopold | Floral Arrangement: Branches & Twigs |  Planter: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium |  Light: Arteriors 

In order to accomplish our goal of creating a warm and inviting first impression, our crew replaced the overhead light fixture, cleaned up the brick, sanded and stained the door, and restored all of the trim.

While the entryway was somewhat of an easy tackle, the kitchen needed a little more attention. I could not get over how small it was for a home this size!! Seems to be a trend in the houses I buy! Scroll through the photos below for an idea of the layout. The kitchen led to a closed off living space and the living space led to another bedroom separated by pocket doors. Extremely choppy! You guys know I don’t do choppy.

See ya, walls!

I had major hopes that this house would sell to a large family, so I wanted to completely open up the kitchen and living areas to create a more spacious and modern feel! After our crew removed all of the cabinets and knocked down the wall separating the kitchen from the living room, here is where we landed! This is honestly one of my favorite parts of the process because I can finally start to visualize how it will all come together!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able restore the floors in this home. They were old turn-of-the-century 3/8 inch flooring and if we tried to sand them, they would crumble. As much as I wanted to keep the original floors, it just wasn’t an option. Our crew replaced all the floors throughout the first floor with sturdy oak and covered it with a beautiful gloss stain.

Getting closer..

Lighting: Wilson Lighting | Cabinets: McCartney | Barstools: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium

Ahhhh, I told you it was jaw dropping!! THIS is the type of kitchen a 5 bedroom, 3 story-house deserves! As you can see, we landed on a very neutral color scheme filled with whites, grays, and gold accents… giving the space a very bright, tidy, and modern feel!

Appliances: American range | Open Shelving: Wahoo Designs | Hood Tile: Daltile

Wall Art: Kelly O’Neal | Faucet: Kohler | Kitchen Hardware: Locks and Pulls KC

Wilson Lighting

Moving on to the living space! The fireplaces in this home really gave us a run for our money. I loved the antique look of this one, but it needed to be transitioned into an electric fireplace unfortunately… and there was no place to hide the wires! Our crew had to build a box around it and it actually ended up looking awesome! This will also work perfect for a family who may want to install a TV above the mantle some day.

Artwork: Kelly O’Neal | Mantle decor: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium

We painted the box, mantle, and brick all white because I loved the way it contrasts with the exposed brick! For those of you who missed the show, the black metal face was actually taken from another fireplace in the house that didn’t quite make it.. !

 A combination of the exposed brick, lightly stained oak floors, and amazing natural light gave this space a new rustic, contemporary feel that flows seamlessly with the bright kitchen!

Now, onto the dining room! Remember the pocket door from the entryway? This door had such a cool, vintage feel that I wanted it to be seen! I figured this doorway would be left open most of the time, so if we kept it as a pocket door, you wouldn’t see the door very often. We removed the door, sanded it down, gave it a new gloss stain, and converted it to a barn door instead!

Lighting: Wilson Lighting | Draperies: Weave Gotcha Covered | Drapery Hardware: Helser Brothers | Chairs & Buffet: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium 

I loved the modern, unpolished touch the barn door brought to this room!

Well, what do you all think!? I am so satisfied with the final look and feel of the first floor of this home! Now, everything about the flow of floor plan makes perfect sense for a large family. Let me know your favorite part in the comment section below! Until next time, friends! Thanks for reading!