Hello all!! Let me fill you in if you missed last week’s episode of Bargain Mansions. Dad and I designed a beautiful Storybook Tudor located in a picturesque neighborhood in Kansas City. What really attracted us to this house was beautiful vaulted ceilings and the amount of character in every room. Dad and I really do feel like we lucked out! This project really was one of the best ones I’ve ever done because it really did have the best bones to build on. The style was fantastic with an incredibly unique layout and property. Something like this only comes around once in a lifetime and we couldn’t be more excited about how bad it was on the inside (ha!!). We love how dramatically fantastic it turned out in the after.

My team and I wanted to create a large master suite with a walk in closet, double vanity, and spa-like shower. We kept the bedroom layout the same, but removed the built-ins and then got to work on creating a luxurious master bath. Take a look below 🙂

Paint: Benjamin Moore | Rug: Kaleen | Plant: Suburban Lawn & Garden | Light Fixture: Maxim Lighting | Light Fixture Supplier: Wilson Lighting | Lamps: Barbra Cosgrove | Artwork: Audrey Benskin ( contact us to purchase! ) |Bedroom Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

The master bedroom started out with terrible builtins that hid the plumbing. Thankfully, my guys were able to remove the builtins, which made the room feel less clunky and more open! We were also able to make this custom headboard with Weave Gotcha Covered, which I LOVE! It’s has gorgeous custom buttons and it fits in perfectly with the bedroom. It may or may not be making its way back to my house… 🙂

The barrel ceiling is something really unique because we’ve never had it in a bedroom before! It framed so beautifully with this gorgeous window. Who’s moving in with me?!

Artwork: Audrey Benskin (Contact us to purchase!) | Lamp: Barbra Cosgrove | Plant: Suburban Lawn & Garden | Chest & Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

Light Fixture: Studio M Lighting | Light Fixture Supplier: Wilson Lighting | Basket and Pillows: Contact us to purchase!

My guys were able to expand the length of the master closet and added washer and dryer hookups. Now, there is plenty of space for a washer and dryer in the master closet  (how convenient!!) and it backs up to the laundry room in the hallway 🙂 We topped the space off with these killer lights. They add so much drama to the space!

Vanity Backsplash: Daltile Argyl Blend White | Floor: Daltile Carrara | Vanity: Kohler | Vanity Top: Kohler | Faucet: Kohler | Sink: Kohler | Light Fixture: Maxim Lighting | Light Fixture Supplier: Wilson Lighting | Towel Ring: Kohler | Paint: Sherwin Williams

What a transformation the master bath was!! It went from black, boring, and bad to big, bright and beautiful! We were able to expand the space by moving the door slightly in order to add double vanities that flanked the steel window. We didn’t want it to look like three flat squares on the wall, so we added these gorgeous triangular mirrors! They have a small smoky look on the sides with gold trim. I love that they add so much drama to the space! Because of the tilt, the angle gives you almost a full length view of yourself 🙂

I also love the floor to ceiling mosaic tile, wall mount faucet, and gorgeous light fixture. All of these details add so much drama while still having a crisp and clean feeling 🙂

Shower Floor: Daltile Matte Alabaster | Shower Wall Tile: Daltile Carrara | Shower Tile Accent: Daltile Argyl Blend White | Shower Head: Kohler | Shower Ceiling Mount: Kohler | Shower Slide Bar: Kohler | Slide Bar Trim: Kohler | Hand Shower Head: Kohler | Metal Shower Hose: Kohler | Shower Valvue: Kohler

In the shower, we wanted to do something really incredible because it’s an extremely long shower! In my house, we like to call this the car wash of showers because you can walk through and turn on all 5 of these knobs! When we made this shower, we made sure to make all of the valve handles right by the door, so you aren’t freezing cold when the shower is heating up! We also added a fun shelf, so future owners would have a good storage space for shampoo bottles. 🙂 For some fun vertical drama, we added a stripe of mosaic tile behind the shower head.

Countertop: Daltile Avenue White | Wallpaper: Thibaut | Artwork: Audrey Benskin (Contact us to purchase!) | Laundry Room Accessories: (Contact us to purchase!)

We all know I love a laundry room, even though I hate doing laundry! This one is no exception, I love the countertop along with the fun and funky wallpaper. The cute window doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Unfortunately, we were not able to save all of the paneling because there was water damage. Of course, we added this gorgeous vinyl wallpaper. I think the wallpaper makes all of the difference in this space! It adds so much warmth and coziness. I can only imagine what this room feels like on a snowy day with the fire blazing!

Artwork: Audrey Benskin (Contact us to purchase!)

Wallpaper: Thibaut | Rug: Kaleen | Artwork: Rene Gutierrez (Contact us to purchase!) | Lamps: Barbara Cosgrove | Plants: Suburban Lawn & Garden | Furniture & Accessories: (Contact us to purchase!)

The sitting room was such a fun space to design because it only needed to be cleaned up! We cleaned up the box beams, windows, and trim and added a fantastic light fixture 🙂

Wallpaper: Thibaut | Rug: Kaleen | Light Fixture: Maxim Lighting | Light Fixture Supplier: Wilson Lighting | Plants: Suburban Lawn & Garden | Chairs & Accessories: (Contact us to purchase!)

Lighting: Maxim Lighting | Lighting Supplier: Wilson Lighting | Sink: Kohler | Faucet: Kohler | Wallpaper: Thibaut | Vanity: Kohler | Cabinet Hardware: Kohler

The half bath was in good shape but, dated, so we were able to save the cabinets. After my guys painted the cabinets white, we added a beautiful floating vanity. We wanted the space to feel more dramatic, so we added three hanging lights. I love how the lights give the room this gorgeous modern flair on top of the watercolor floral wallpaper. It really feels modern yet traditional 🙂

Stair Runner: Carpet Direct

Bar Backsplash: Daltile Italian Alps , Daltile Venice Statue , Daltile Milan Arena | Cabinet Pulls: Addison Weeks | Faucet: Kohler | Sink: Kohler | Countertop: Daltile Calacatta | Floor: Daltile | Rug: Kaleen | Table, Chairs & Accessories: (Contact us to purchase!)

What a remarkable change!! This basement area used to be the kitchen (what were they thinking?!?). My guys ripped out all of the cabinetry and appliances and turned it into a much more open and functional space! To give the space a fresh updated on subway tile, we laid three different colors of the same tile in a stair step pattern. This tile wall definitely adds to the WOW factor of the space! We also added the same walnut cabinetry that we used upstairs to give the home a unified feeling. To top the area off, we put in a kegerator and a winerator. I hope future homeowners know how to throw a good party 🙂

Arrow Artwork: Barloga Studios | Rug: Kaleen | Lamps: Barbara Cosgrove | Bedroom Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

Shower Tile: Daltile Antico Scuro | Floor: Daltile Meier Park Silver Strand | Sink: Kohler | Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams

WOW! What an overgrown mess and total train wreck before!! But the after was absolutely beautiful 🙂 I wish that we could have finished this during the summer, but unfortunately, this was finished in the late fall so all of the ground cover was dormant.

Sod: Earth Scapes of Liberty | Landscaping: Berry Outdoor Living Construction

Decking: TIVADEK | Balcony Railing: Regal Ideas | Heater: Infratech Heaters

My guys added a poured concrete patio, but I wanted to keep with the character of the home, so they added some of the original stones into the concrete! I love this look 🙂 We also chose to trim the house out with beautiful black gutters. I think that this adds a lot of dimension to the space!

Plates & Glasses: Contact us to purchase!

Fire Pit: Bronze Age Design

The outdoor cooking area was crumbling, but we were able to salvage the copper hood and the beautiful stonework and added a little bit of Kansas City limestone to the space 🙂

We don’t typically worry too much about garage spaces, but for this home, the garage floor was damaged and uneven, so we wanted to give it some love. We added this amazing epoxy coating that not only protects, but makes it a lot prettier too!


Flooring: Epoxy Flooring KC

Soooo much better, right?!?

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