Hello all!! I’m so excited for this next week because Valentine’s Day is on Thursday. If you know me, you know that I love Valentine’s Day! I mean who doesn’t love love?! In my house, it’s basically a weeklong celebration. I surprise my kids with notes on their beds every night telling them how much I love them and give them presents the day of. Below are some of the items I got my family or just thought were darling! Let me know what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day in the comments below 🙂


My husband, Bill lovvveesss this shaving cream and I think it’s so cute that it comes in a little set! 

Shaving Set

 I got Bill this robe for Christmas and he loves it! 


The nest has been on my wish list for SO LONG! I’ve heard the greatest things about them 🙂 We can call this a present for both of us! 


There is always (what feels like) buses full of kids coming in and out of my house, so it’s nice to know who’s coming and who’s going 🙂 I think the ring is genius! 


This is another cool product Bill has been asking me for! It extends and boosts the WIFI signal throughout the home and is compatible with the ring doorbell! 

Chime Pro

Men’s Scarf

I also love this scarf and the price is unbeatable! 

Checkered Men’s Scarf

Of course gloves because it’s still freezing in Kansas 🙂 

Men’s Gloves

I picked out two different watches that I’ve been eyeing! They’re both very classic! 

Men’s Watch

Men’s Watch

I love this luggage set! It’s so unique and would be super easy to find at an airport! Bill got me the rose gold color for my trip to Knoxville last week 🙂 


Bill has been eyeing these shoes for awhile now! They got extremely good reviews and they’re a good price! 

Men’s Nike Shoes


My boys aren’t as crazy about Valentine’s Day as I am… I thought this would be a cute gift for them! 🙂 

Vineyard Vines Shirt

Now moving onto Nora… she loves Valentine’s day just as much as her mama and stores have the CUTEST little girl themed gifts. I picked a few I love 🙂 

Girl’s Shirt

I think this sweater might be my all time favorite item! How cute is this?!

Girl’s Sweater

This PJ set makes me want my baby to never grow up!!

PJ Set

I ordered these for baby girl, so she could match her mama 🙂 

Ugg Slippers

Baby girl loves doing makeup and she’s needed a robe for awhile! I love this one! 

Girl’s Robe

Girl’s Pink Shoes

I’m also loving these leggings for Baby Girl:) 

Girl’s Leggings

 I hope everyone has an amazing Valentine’s Day! Thanks for stopping by the blog!! Leave a comment below on what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day 🙂