Helllloooo everyone and Happy Sunday! I know we usually post a recap the day after the episode, but we had an insane week preparing for our SHOP BARGAIN MANSIONS Open House, so the blog just had to wait! We had such an amazing turnout this weekend and I’m so happy I got to meet so many of you. To those of you who came, THANK YOU and I hope you were able to find some great pieces for your home.

Last Wednesday’s episode of Bargain Mansions featured one of my all time favorite homes, the Locust House! (We actually had our shopping event here!) I have never wanted to put my own house on the market and move right in so badly in my history of restoring homes. This house turned out SO dreamy!!

The family who lived in this home before we bought it had lived there for 57 YEARS! Soooo, it needed a lot of updating… but my wheels were turning as soon as we did our first walk through. The house had a lot of great elements. It had good bones and more character than any of my other homes from this season. Come on inside and we’ll walk through the first floor!

Kind of depressing, right? The exterior of this home was so outdated, dark, and just HEAVY! The only part I wanted to keep was the was the amazing stonework and window detail. To bring this baby back to life, our crew painted the shingles a classic navy with white trim and replaced the roof with an amazing DaVinci slate roof.

Um, YES. Now, this house is a total show stopper. I think the blue and white color combo paired with the natural stone gave the home such a precious, cottage feel.

Like the exterior of the home, the front foyer was dark, cramped, and felt a little somber. You can’t see it in this photo, but to the left is the stairwell blocked by a huge piece of dark plywood. Our crew knocked that wall out to reveal the staircase and bring in a ton of natural light. Best decision ever. It changed the entire feel of the foyer! They also painted all of the original wood paneling a fresh off-white to help lighten up the space and make it feel more spacious.

Light fixture: growing days secret stash! | Wallpaper: Seabrook | Floral arrangement: Branches and Twigs | Table: Restoration Emporium | Artwork: Leopold

Valance, Seat cushion and Pillows: Weave Gotcha Covered

Are you starting to see the trend here?…. Much like the rest of the house, the living room was filled with the same dark paneling that gave it an extremely dated look. The cool thing about this living room, though, is the that all the wood paneling AND the library book shelves are ALL original to the house. I knew I wanted to keep the bookshelves, but the left side didn’t match the right unfortunately. It’s hard to see in this photo, but if you look closely, on the left side of the wall is an old desk. We decided to have our crew rip it out and build a replica of the book case so that it would all be symmetrical. Once they painted it all, you couldn’t tell old from new. The crew refinished the floors and painted every inch of the wood panels and it completely transformed the space.

Books and Accessories: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium | Artwork: Leapold

Artwork: Leopold Sofa, Coffee Table & Chairs: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration EmporiumBasket Bench (behind sofa): Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium

Moving on to the heart of the home…. the KITCHEN! Beautiful, eh?

Towards the back of the Locust House, there was a bright yellow kitchen, a completely separate breakfast nook, and a patio.  At one time, this kitchen floor plan may have made sense, but not for today’s family! It was way too choppy. To create a really open and modern space, our crew got rid of all the walls between the kitchen, breakfast nook and patio to combine them into one huge kitchen. They actually enclosed part of the patio too so we could expand the kitchen even more.

Faucet: Kohler | Counter & Shelf Decor: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium

Our crew also added 2 HUGE picture windows to bring in more natural light. I’m telling you, this house hadn’t seen this much light in years! Now, this open, modern kitchen is filled with state-of-the-art appliances, a ton of counter space, and a mix of fresh neutral finishes with subtle pops stainless steel and gold hardware. It is a chef’s dream!

Barstools: Wahoo | Cabinets: McCartney | Appliances: Dolittle | Cabinet Hardware: Locks and Pulls | Countertop and Tile Backsplash: Daltile | Floral Arrangements: Branches and Twigs | Faucet: Kohler | Vermont Soapstone Sink | Range: American Range

Wallpaper: Wallquest | Lighting: Wilson Lighting | Artwork: Kelly O’Neal 

The dining room was right off of the living room, so we decided to have our crew knock out part of the wall separating the two to create an oversized entryway to improve the flow of the floor plan and of course, bring in more natural light!

My absolute favorite part of this dining room was the vintage wallpaper. This wallpaper was original to the house…. so over 100 years old!! I wanted nothing more than to figure out a way to freshen it up and make it the focal point of the room. As you can kind of see in the picture above, it was a little worn and faded, so we hired an amazing restoration artist to come in and hand paint OVER the original mural. It turned out so vibrant and looked EXACTLY what we imagine the original wallpaper looked like.

Draperies: Weave Gotcha Covered

Buffet, lamp & chairs: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium | Light: Arteriors

Baskets: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium

Right off of the dining room were a set of french doors that led to a small half bath. In my opinion, french doors are a little unnecessary for a half bath… so we took them down and used them for a project on the second level! This bathroom was in horrible shape and there honestly wasn’t much to salvage, so we completely gutted it!

Plumbing: Kohler | Mirror: Arteriors | Lights: Pottery Barn

We modernized the space with a funky wallpaper print from Seabrook and a marble hexagon tile from Daltile.

That’s a wrap of the first floor of the Locust House! What do you all think!? We are so thrilled with the new bright, modern feel we gave this home and can’t wait for it’s new family to move in and enjoy it for years to come.

Have a great week everyone! See you on Wednesday evening at 9:00 pm CST for our fifth episode of Bargain Mansions!