Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope everyone’s weeks are off to a great start!! For those of you who were able to make it to our Shop Bargain Mansions sale this weekend, THANK YOU!! I absolutely loved showing off the Locust house and getting to meet so many of you! My favorite part of my job is being able to invite people into my houses with the hopes of giving them inspiration to take back into their own homes! So, needless to say, this weekend was a blast for me. 🙂

My team and I spent the entire day yesterday moving all the left over product out of the house, so today I’m finally sitting down to finish my recap of the upper levels of this jaw-dropping home! Let’s get started!

Before we dive in to the upper levels of the Locust house, I want to take a moment to talk about the exterior of this house and how in love with it I am!! I think this house has the most curb appeal of any of the homes this season because it is different and interesting from every angle. Doesn’t that navy and white trim with a pink front door say come on home!?

The front of the house is very unassuming on its own and doesn’t even look that big, but then you turn the corner and the side view is amazingness! I love how the stone fireplace and corners add texture and a historic element that can’t be duplicated.

All the different angles of the house add so much depth and interest and the different roof levels show off that AMAZING DaVinci composite slate roof! I think the mixture of the natural stone touches add so much and having both the fireplace and the roof look like stone is such a historically accurate detail. The reality though is that a natural slate roof would have literally crushed this house. The DaVinci composite roof looks exactly like natural slate but with none of the drawbacks and all the perks. They’re MUCH lighter and have a lifetime warranty! Can’t beat that!  AND, this company is local to KC which makes it even better. 🙂 Like I mentioned previously, we had our Shop Bargain Mansions sale this past weekend and I swear at least 100 people asked me about this roof! Pictures don’t even do it justice! In person, it’s one of the first things you notice about the house.

Alrighty! Moving on to the upper level of the Locust House! Compared to some of my other houses, this upstairs was honestly kind of a dream. It had very spacious bedrooms and the flooring was in great shape for the most part. The floor plan needed a little reconfiguration, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

See, even the master bedroom was spacious! (For once…!) My favorite elements of this room were the beautiful hard wood floors and the fireplace. As you can see, the fireplace was pretty dated, but it was in decent shape. It had the potential to be an amazing focal point for the space.

While the master bedroom was a great size, it was accompanied by the tiniest master bathroom I’ve ever seen! It was actually pretty awful. We saved the sink, but everything else had to go. Our crew closed in the shower (or closet….. you decide) and turned it into a little spa room.

Our goal was to create an elegant master suite that felt very warm and inviting. We landed on a subtle gingham wallpaper that contrasted perfectly with the slate fireplace. Our crew sanded down the floors and applied a beautiful, light stain to keep the room feeling warm and bright.

Lamps: Arteriors | Bedding: Growing Days Collection available at Restoration Emporium

This beautiful throw was made with fabric from KDR by Weave Gotcha Covered!

Basket & Fabric: Growing Days Collection found at Restoration Emporium

Wallpaper: Wallquest | Lighting: Wilson | Artwork: Kelly O’Neal | Window Treatments: Weave Gotcha Covered | Firewood holder: Growing Days Collection available at Restoration Emporium

I’m obsessed with this chandelier from Wilson Lighting. It  definitely helped achieve the elegant feel we were going for!

For those of you who missed this episode, these french doors are actually from the first floor of the home. They were an ugly yellow color and opened up to a half bath off the dining room. I’m so glad we were able to save them! They were the perfect addition to the master suite.

The french doors opened up to the little spa area equipped with a Sunlighten Sauna. For those of you who aren’t familiar with their product, you HAVE to check it out!! I cannot say enough good things about their product. I actually have a solo one at my house and I use it all the time. When I use it, I sleep better and just FEEL so much healthier! My kids love it too and take turns using it, haha. I LOVE it. Maybe a walk-in sauna should be our next purchase… Can you Imagine waking up being able to walk straight into a sauna? Sign me up!!!

This smaller pink bedroom was connected to the master bedroom by a narrow hallway (you can get a feel for the layout in the photo below!) It was PERFECT for a spacious, luxurious master bath. As for the hallway, we transformed it into an amazing walk through closet. Now, the flow made so much more sense and was ideal for a master suite.

The end result is a sophisticated, luxurious master bath covered in clean, modern gray carrera tile from floor to ceiling. Equipped with His and Her vanities, an amazing floating tub, a massive shower space with a lavish rain shower in the center, this bathroom is every homeowner’s dream. The best part? Our crew installed Warmly Yours In-Floor Electric Radiant Heating Systems in the entire master bath… let me tell you, they are amaaaazing. Imagine stepping into your bathroom in the mornings and having WARM feet? THIS IS MY DREAM. I want them in my house so bad.

Tile: Daltile | Countertops: Daltile and Rocktops | Cabinets: McCartney | Hardware: Locks and Pulls KC Plumbing: Kohler | Light: Wilson Lighting | Mirrors: Target

As soon as I walked into this bedroom, I knew this vintage map needed to STAY! I wanted to do what I could to freshen it up and keep it as the focal point of this room. We also saved the cubby shelves along the top of the walls and painted a clean white trim around the map to make it really stand out.

All of the decor in this room is part of my Growing Days collection available at Restoration Emporium!

Moving on to the sunroom! You can probably guess my favorite part about this room.. the windows! They were amazing and thankfully, we were able to save all of them!  This sunroom was really spacious, so our crew was actually able to add a wall (hardly ever happens!!) and convert it into two separate spaces… a laundry room and another kid’s bedroom!

I told you.. these windows are amazing. So were the floors. I told you we lucked out with this house!

Here’s a view of the other side of the room.. our crew plowed all of these cabinets out to add some extra space.

Wallpaper: Seabrook | Sink: Vermont Soapstone | Valences: Weave Gotcha Covered | Faucet: Kohler | Appliances: Doolittle | Flower Arrangement: Branches and Twigs

For those of you who are familiar with my other homes, you know I don’t hold back with laundry rooms! I love to go all out and make laundry spaces fun and unique! Maybe that way, doing your laundry will be a little more fun? Wishful thinking maybe… We also added in a custom-made Vermont Soapstone sink and corner shelving to help keep the space tidy and organized.

Pillows: Weave Gotcha Covered | Decor Items: Growing Days Collection available at Restoration Emporium

Annnnnd the kid’s bathroom. This was 100% the most neglected bathroom in the house. The only thing worth saving in this bathroom was the mini tub! I actually thought it was adorable! Just needed some TLC. We brightened up the space by having our crew add wood planking on the walls, paint the tub a bright white and bringing in these amazing sinks we found in the basement (original to the home!) I loved the clean, vintage vibe we had going on.

You really can’t find sinks like these anymore! The sinks were original to the home, but we made the wooden pedestals ourselves.

Tile: Daltile | Plumbing: Kohler

Honestly, this is one of my favorite houses I’ve ever designed. My team and I took an somber, outdated home with a choppy floor plan and turned it into an spacious, bright, flowing dream home. I can’t wait for a family to move into this home and make memories for years to come!!

Tune in to DIY NETWORK tomorrow night for our 5th week of BARGAIN MANSIONS! Ah, I can’t believe how fast this season is flying!! You won’t want to miss this episode! Have a great day and as always, thank you for reading!