Hello everyone and happy Friday!! I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had time to post on Instagram, Facebook or blog! So, I thought it would be fun to sit down and update you all on life lately! This past week has been absolutely crazy and surreal. Last week, I traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to visit my HGTV/DIY family… and yes, there are exciting things in the works, but I can’t tell you all what it is just yet!!

It’s always amazing when to take off and wake up in a different city you fell asleep in! Even more incredible is to land in Knoxville and be whisked away to the Discovery Network headquarters! They have screens everywhere and hearing my voice in the background as I walk through the lobby was pretty surreal 🙂 I have to keep asking myself… is this real life?!

Spending a few nights in Knoxville, Tennessee has been a whirlwind of excitement that is tough to top! This is the lobby of the Discovery Network (They own HGTV/DIY).

In the center screen, Bargain Mansions was airing, but this is just the commercial. I felt like a geek trying to take a picture of it! This was the best I could do when no one was looking 🙂

I spent Wednesday working with some of the most incredible and talented people who behind the cameras! Then I was glammed up by makeup and stylists and shot some Bargain Mansions promos at an incredible mansion in Knoxville. It was so fun! It was also interesting seeing how other productions are run. Of course, I think mine is the best, but this crew was pretty fantastic as well! I still pinch myself even writing this because how can this be my reality?!?

For our show, everything is edited in LA, so I never get to see any of the behind the scenes process of how this works. In Knoxville, I was able to go into the media room and see exactly how they cut promos and commercials for a show. It was pretty amazing! For me, they might as well be speaking Chinese because I need millennials to help me check my email practically!!

Another crazy treat was spending a few nights in a hotel all by myself and having the food brought to the room. I know a lot of people would love to go out on the town and check out the city, but for me, just spending the evening sitting in my room in peace and quiet reading a good book was fantastic. I finished the book “Nine Perfect Strangers”. Has anyone else read that?! Very interesting read!!

After the wonderful alone time, I came home to spend a snow day snuggled up with all 4 kids watching movie after movie in our jammies! My ideal day! 🙂 Nora lovvveesss to have makeover days, so I let her do whatever she wanted!

My family and I also had a valentine’s photo shoot at one of our Bargain Mansions. These flowers are the perfect shot of happiness on this snowy day!! We made Nora feel extra special by having each of the boys and Daddy give her a dozen roses. We also had the boys get all dressed up in their fancy suits and her in her beautiful dress. Of course, a photo shoot with the kids wouldn’t be complete without Nora drawing hearts all over her arm with an ink pen during school!

I’m not sure why, but Thomas has a tendency to blink in every picture! These kids crack me up 🙂

Nora had a ton of fun making her own set design with the roses in the shower. She was certain we needed to take a picture with her in the shower with all of the roses laying around! After that, we had to play the bachelorette where she gave all of her final roses to me. She asked me “will you accept this rose” and then she would give me a kiss. Someone make her stop growing!!

The kids didn’t take pictures alllll weekend!! Baby girl loves to go to Top Golf. Little known fact, her 4th birthday was held here! 🙂

On Sunday, I spent the day getting pampered with my Sister and Sister-in-law at the Elms Resort.This was actually our Christmas gift to each other that we finally got around to making happen!! I love that we live close enough that we can do these kinds of things 🙂

To top the week off, I had a Valentine’s Day surprise necklace from Josh & Tivol. Now, I’m wearing it as a bracelet and have worn it every day since 🙂 It’s absolutely beautiful!

This morning I got to spend time at Creative Mornings listening to Convival Production. It was great listening to everything awesome she was doing! And currently, I’m getting to spend a quiet afternoon in the office and getting my email count down to 25!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend! Stay warm out there if you’re in KC like me!! 🙂