Hello all! I cannot believe that Kansas City is about to get ANOTHER 3-5 inches of snow!! Spring, where are you?!? I also can’t believe that my kids might have another snow day tomorrow! I don’t think they will mind though 🙂

Is it crazy that I actually really love this blue vinyl wallpaper in the master bedroom?! I absolutely would have kept it if it was in better condition! Unfortunately, it was rotten and looked horrible in real life! The other awesome thing about it is that it peeled off soooo easily. It was one of those very satisfying types of moments when you pick at one corner and the whole strip comes off!

Wallpaper: Wallquest | Lamps: Barbara Cosgrove | Window Treatment Designer: Weave Gotcha Covered | Artwork: Kelly O’Neal | Light Fixture: Kichler |  Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams | Plants: Suburban Lawn & Garden | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase! | Insulation Materials: Knauf Insulation

If you look closely, you’ll see that the window on the wall got taken out and closed in. I’m glad we were able to save the other window because it is huge and bring in so much light!

I feel like the bed is such a compliment to the room because it’s not the largest bedroom we’ve ever done, but it adds so much style and shape to the space and takes up such a small footprint! The nightstands are also two of my favorite things because they have a beautiful shape and have a gorgeous band of gold that waterfalls down the entire piece. And it still has great storage space for those cute planters 🙂

I love the light fixture we picked for this room. It added so much texture and really complimented the wallpaper on the back wall. This wallpaper is also one of my favorites. I have it in my house all the way up my staircase. It adds so warmth and texture to the space! It really elevates a room 🙂

Saving the French doors from what is now the bathroom and bringing them in for the closet was such a great touch that really elevated the whole space! Being that it was a smaller closet, I think we really did a great job of maximizing the storage space 🙂

Holy cow!! Can you even believe the transformation?! My guys were able to save the window from the other side of the room and put it into this space. Does anyone recognize those two doors?! I love reusing items that are already in the house 🙂

Countertop:Daltile Venetian Calacatta | Vanity: Kitchen Cabinet Kings | Faucet: Kohler | Sink: Kohler | Sconce Lighting: Kichler | Mirror: Complete Home Concepts | Flower Arrangements: Branches and Twigs | Bathroom Accessories: Contact us to purchase! | Countertop Fabrication: Rocktops | Insulation Materials: Knauf Insulation

The vanity is a really cool feature and I love the way it looks. It’s actually the same finish that we used on the island at our cottage house. The texture of the beautiful cabinet really elevates the room and is really beautiful. I also love that we used a rectangular sink and we added a big beautiful handle that feels really traditional. Not to mention the backlit mirror was an absolutely game changer. It’s not a small bathroom by any means, but adding the backlight made the area feel 3 times as big! I also love all of the black accents that we added that tie into the bedroom!

Shower Walls:Daltile Venetian Calacatta | Floor Tile: Daltile Venetian Calacatta | Black Wall Tile: Daltile Nero | Carrarra Wall Tile: Daltile Venetian Calacatta | Shower Head & Knobs: Kohler | Tile Install Materials: Laticrete

When we originally ordered the black mosaic tile, we planned on using it on the fireplace downstairs. It was so gorgeous in full scale that it felt like a shame to cut it down, so we took the tile and used it for the back wall of the shower and traded out what were going to use for the space.

Originally, when you walked up the landing it was dull and dismal. Now, walking up the stairs, it’s just one thing after another. I love the use of the artwork where you can look in and see along with the sculpture over the bed. It’s all very charming, fitting and makes the area feel welcoming and homey!

Ballerina Artwork: Aubrey Benskin (  Contact us to purchase! )

Artwork: Aubrey Benskin ( Contact us to purchase! ) | Rug: Lorena Canals | Lamp: Barbara Cosgrove | Bedroom Accessories: Contact us to purchase! | Light Fixture: Kichler | Insulation Materials: Knauf Insulation

My daughter fell in love with this space. The little piano was the perfect accent for this room and it’s actually from my daughters room at home! The rug is from Lorena Canals and it’s actually a washable rug! I don’t know about your little girls, but mine is obsessed with slime! A washable rug in her bedroom would be amazing!!

The wall flower art is such a fun detail. It’s all made out of sheet metal and is such a fun and cool accent! We will selling these on the website soon!

Light Fixture: Kichler | Lamp: Barbara Cosgrove | Artwork: Leopold Gallery | Rug: Kaleen | Bedroom Accessories: Contact us to purchase! | Insulation Materials: Knauf Insulation

This artwork is another example of how it can be super mature in one setting and then be used playfully in a kids room and have a completely different feeling. I also love this beautiful blanket ladder, it automatically makes the room feel more cozy!

This bathroom was so gross! How could anyone live with that?!? But how could you not fall in love with what we’ve got now?! With the small carrara marble tile on the floor and up the walls makes it feel so clean and crisp. Such small busy tile can look really hectic, but since we did it in mass it feels very serene. I also love the lavender accent cafe curtain for the window. Such a wonderful detail 🙂

Tile: Daltile Venetian Calacatta |Tile Install Materials: Laticrete | Bathtub: Kohler | Bathtub Sprout: Kohler | Shower head: Kohler | Plant: Suburban Lawn & Garden | Insulation Materials: Knauf Insulation

Floor: Daltile Arctic White | Shower Floor & Wall: Daltile Artic White | Countertop:Daltile Luminesce |Tile Install Materials: Laticrete |Countertop Fabrication: Rocktops | Sink:Kohler | Faucet: Kohler | Light Sconce: Kichler | Insulation Materials: Knauf Insulation | Wood Paneling: Tacwood

The bathroom on the third floor was such a great addition to the house. I love how we used every inch of the space even though we had such a struggle to make this work because of the duct work. Using the tact wood with the tile was a great idea because it was sooo easy and looks elegant. Having the tile go across the back wall and around the room really finished it off beautifully 🙂 and who doesn’t love a pop of teal and pink towels!!

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