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I feel like this house is the perfect home for someone that wants to live in the country, but could also be an elegant weekend retreat for entertaining friends, or fun activities for a large family! We pulled out all the stops and created a tranquil master suite, movie theater, and backyard of my DREAMS!! To say I’m in love is an understatement 🙂 If I go MIA, you know where to find me, ha! Take a look below, enjoy!

This bedroom is such a unique space and it was extremely fun to work with! It originally had a vaulted ceiling with little bitty windows and gorgeous view below. The division in the windows didn’t make any sense. My guys decided to open up the wall with a big commercial sized window. Now, it feels like this window is a piece of art for the space. I hope the future homeowners look out and enjoy the peace and serenity of being here 🙂

Artwork: Audrey Benskin | Wallpaper: Wallquest | Lighting: Kichler | Curtain Rod: Hesler Brothers | Rugs: Kaleen

Artwork: Blue Gallery | Lamps: Gabby | Nightstands: Gabby | Pillows: Weave Gotcha Covered

The master also has a bonus sitting area where you have the luxury of sitting and enjoying a fire ,or laying in bed and enjoying it. The stone that was originally on the fireplace felt award and strange because it was low, heavy and dark. The bookcases were short and didn’t make sense with such high beautiful ceilings. I wanted to make sure that there was a unified flow throughout the house, so we picked out the same stone that was used in the living room and used it for the master fireplace. My guys took out the dark stone, bookcases and walled the space in. Then, they took the beautiful stone alllllll the way to the ceiling. I love that it draws your eyes all the way up and shows you how tall this room really is! To add some much needed texture to the room, we added faux grasscloth wallpaper. I love this wallpaper because it gives the room the dimension that it lacked. To top it off, we added these stunning lights over the bed and in front of the fireplace. Now, this space feels like a warm and cozy retreat 🙂

Lighting: Kichler | Lamp: Barbra Cosgrove | Pillows: Weave Gotcha Covered | Rug: Kaleen

One of the phrases in the industry is, “you bend it, you spend it.” I know that someone spent a TON of money on this bathroom with all of these weird curves! Unfortunately, the weird curves ate up a ton of space and didn’t maximize the best part of this room… the view! My guys closed up the two windows in the corner and added this big, beautiful commercial grade window! Since you’re way out in the country, this is a great space to put a window like this in! It looks out to the middle of the woods and future homeowners will have complete privacy. After we removed all of the original angled cabinets, we had SO much space! I love when you walk into the bathroom, your eyes are immediately drawn to the stunning soaking tub sitting on a eucalyptus platform. I love the look of  eucalyptus cabinets, so my team and I continued the eucalyptus cabinets onto the vanity and the sauna!

One of my favorite parts about this bathroom was the vibrant platinum hardware. We custom made the cabinets and added a mitered edge countertop. For a bathroom this size, these details make it look clean and elegant! To finishes off the space, we added some gorgeous textured stone and killer lights that make the space pop! I really feel like this master bathroom is such a heavenly retreat with the gorgeous soaking tub, vanity, shower, and sauna!

Shower Door: Coastal Shower Doors | Shower Floor & Bathroom Floor: Daltile Gray Cove Creek | Shower Wall: Daltile Turkish Skyline | Plumbing Fixtures: Kohler | Wall Scones: Kichler | Vanity Mirrors: Pottery Barn

Artwork: Blue Gallery | Bathtub & Plumbing Fixtures: Kohler

Sauna: Sunlighten

For the basement, my guys cleaned up the fireplace and tore up the carpet. I knew that there would be kids running in and out of this giant panda door and carpet was not going to cut it for this area!! With the help of the contractor, Dad and I installed a heated tile floor to this basement because it is such a great space for entertaining, we wanted future homeowners to be comfortable while utilizing this area. Adding the heating floor makes this area so much more functional because now, you can walk around barefoot and come in from the pool and not be freezing on the tile! Now, future homeowners can enjoy this space for more than 4 seasons! The beautiful limestone fireplace mimics the living room and master bedroom fireplaces and ties everything together beautifully.

Artwork: Blue Gallery | Rug: Kaleen | Lamps: Barbara Cosgrove

My guys took out the original windows out and added these gorgeous panda doors, which allowed for whole back side of the house open up to the outdoor living! I absolutely love this feature! My guys have added these doors to some of our other Bargain Mansions before and each time they turn out stunning!

Bifold Door: Panda Doors | Flooring: Delconca | Artwork: Blue Gallery | Coffee Table: Holmes Cocktail Table

We took what was originally an awkward workout room and turned it into a killer movie theater! My kids loooovveee this room!!

Wall Sconce: Kichler | Carpet: Carpet Direct

Carpet: Carpet Direct | Artwork: Blue Gallery

Speaking of my kid’s favorite room….they thought this bunk room was just about the coolest thing! I knew that this house was going to have lots of children, so I wanted to create a bunk room that was super fun and friendly! I think we nailed it on the functionality and the fun factor! My team and I added fun details like the sliding barn door, bright tile and so much more!!

Shower Tille: Daltile Roman Skyline | Faucet: Kohler | Sink: Kohler | Shower Head: Kohler | Shower Base: Kohler | Mirrors: Gabby | Wall Sconce: Kichler | Flowers: Branches and Twigs

With all of the beautiful land surrounding the home, we wanted to create a jaw-dropping outdoor space, perfect for all occasions, whether it be relaxing with family or entertaining large crowds. The current outdoor space consists of a large pool with a small amount of stamped concrete surrounding the pool. Our goal was to transform and expand it into a destination outdoor patio with a modern resort vibe. To achieve our vision, my guys tripled the size of the footprint complete with stunning porcelain tile, high-performance decking, large boulder water features, and exposed fireplaces.

Deck: TIVADEK | Exterior Tile: Delconca | Bar Countertop: Cosentino & Rocktops | Outdoor Sink Faucet: Kohler | Outdoor Sink: Kohler | Outdoor Appliances: Hestan | Pizza Oven: Bravo Forno  | Deck Screws: Fasten Master | Chairs: Abbyson | Stair Railing: Regal Ideas | Sod: Earth Scapes of Liberty |  Landscaping: Berry Outdoor Living Construction

I LOVE this amazing cook area!! My guys added this awesome pizza oven (I am insanely jealous!!) This is such a neat feature! This is something fun that you can do in a space like this that is really unique! We finished the space off with this amazing island. We used a porcelain dekton countertop because it complimented the TIVADEK and gave a contrast with the stone! I love the contrast between the dark TIVADEK and dark countertop with the limestone in between. Absolutely beautiful 🙂 We didn’t put in a refrigerator, but we did put in a giant cooler, so whenever you’re having parties, you have plenty of space for cool beverages! 

We decided to lay our decking in diagonal pattern in the center of the fireplace, so your eye would be drawn straight to the gorgeous fireplace! Then, we trimmed it with a darker color. Now, we have the dark lines that lead straight lines that lead to the fireplace and farmed with a lighter finish that elevates the space. I love that the decking is a composite material because that means zero maintenance for the buyer! I think this will be a huge selling point because buyers will never have to worry about the color changing , power washing or staining it! It is super durable and will last forever 🙂

The outdoor space in this house was already so awesome, but having a pool meant that we needed to add some fire out here!! We added this incredible stone fireplace that you can see all the way from inside. It’s a gas fireplace so it’s incredibly easy to turn on with the ipad control system and relax 🙂 If your inner Paul Bunyan is coming out, this would be the perfect place to cut down dead trees and burn them!

With all of the timber surrounding the home, we wanted a space that we could burn the dead lumber. So, Dad and I added an awesome fire pit down by the pond!

Having the pond, fire pit, fireplace, pool, and the beautiful sound of water rushing is such a great way to bring all of the natural elements to life! I love the way this home turned out and I hope you do too!! 🙂

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