Happy Bargain Mansions Eve, friends! ūüėČ I can’t wait for you all to see tomorrow night’s episode! It may be our craziest transformation from the entire season and that is saying a lot.. you don’t want to miss it!!

Before we completely switch gears to our next home, we still have a few rooms from the second floor of the Juniper house I want to walk you through! We’ll start with the upstairs hallway and ease our way into the adorable restored attic space and a few bathrooms. (When you’re a 4,000 sf. house, you NEED a few bathrooms!!) Come on up!

Flooring: Ripp n Finish Flooring | Artwork: Leopold | Light Fixture: Barbara Cosgrove | Table: Arteriors 

Some people think a hallway is just a hallway, but I think every space in the house deserves its own personality! My goal for this area was to make it feel a little brighter and more inviting. After all, it’s the first thing you see when you walk up the stairs. Remember when I told you the floor from the living room on the main level was in good condition, but didn’t match the feel we were going for for that space? WELL, we ended up using it for the hallway upstairs and it worked out perfectly! Dad and I sanded it down and restained it to a lighter, more natural looking stain. We also painted the walls a neutral color and refinished/painted the banister.

If you caught our first episode, you know that there was a tiny bathroom right in front of the entrance to the kid’s bedroom (used to be just storage space). You actually had to walk THROUGH the bathroom to get into the room. This made absolutely no sense at all, so the crew bumped the bathroom a few feet into the adjacent bedroom and created a proper entrance. It also made the hallway feel 10x more spacious!

White Bedding: Pom Pom At Home | Throw Blanket & Love by the Moon Pillows: Growing Days Inventory available at Restoration Emporium | Lamps: Barbara Cosgrove | Small White Lamp & Nesting Tables: Growing Days Inventory available at Restoration Emporium | Curtain Shades: Growing Days Inventory, contact us for pricing!

When I first walked into this attic space, I immediately envisioned a cozy, colorful, fort-like kid’s room! It was the perfect size and most kids think attic spaces are the best! My boys actually live in our renovated attic space at home and they think it’s the coolest thing.

Our main priority for this room was to install a window and a dormer in order to call it an ‘official’ fifth bedroom. Plus, the room needed some natural light, so it was a win win situation. We decided to go with Mo-Kan carpet for this room and let me tell you, BEST DECISION EVER! This carpet literally feels like butter on your feet and I can’t speak highly enough about it. Is it just me, or does this photo make you want to just go take a 3 hour nap?!

(Bathroom right off the kid’s bedroom!)¬†

Overhead light: Barbara Cosgrove | Vanity Countertops: Rocktops | Cabinets: McCartney | Mirror: Pottery Barn | Vase: GDC Home

Wallpaper: Seabrook | Shower door: Westport Glass | Toilet: Kohler | Vanity Countertops: Rocktops |  Cabinets: McCartney Cabinets | Pulls: Anthropologie | Overhead light: Wilson lighting | Basket: Target | Mirror: Pottery Barn | Flowers: Branches and Twigs | White Towels: Costco 

This is the main bathroom for the second floor and it is totally my pride and joy! I knew this bathroom would definitely have the most traffic, so I wanted it to make a statement! I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more in love with a wallpaper pattern. How fun is this? Also, if you look closely in the mirror, you can see the full size stackable washer and dryer located on the other side of the shower!

(Heading back downstairs for one last room!)

If you remember from the show, this was the awful pale pink bathroom right off the kitchen on the main level! As ugly as it was, it was BY FAR the easiest room to tackle and it had an adorable vintage sink and toilet that totally helped maintain the modern French feel I was going for. They don’t make em’ like these anymore!! We cleaned up the toilet and sink, sanded down the walls, applied some funky modern Hygge & West wallpaper , and slapped on this amazing sunburst mirror (part of my Growing Days collection found at Restoration Emporium!)

This concludes our tour of our first featured Bargain Mansion, JUNIPER!! We hope you all enjoyed this home as much as we did and are able to find some inspiration to take into your own home! I’m not kidding when I say we loved this home… we loved it so much, my dad actually bought it! Something about it’s old historic charm just sucked him in I guess. ūüėČ Plus, my family actually lives very nearby, so I’m sure being close to us was an added perk!! Now, the kids can ride their bikes down to grandma and grandpas for homemade rolls anytime they want!! Honestly, I could not be happier that my family will be able to enjoy this amazing home for years to come. Crazy how things work out…

See you all tomorrow night on DIY NETWORK at 9 PM CST!!