Hello all! I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend and are refreshed for the week ahead! It always seems to go by in a blink of an eye, doesn’t it?!  With all of the homes complete, I am officially in relaxation mode, so you can find me hanging out with my kids and doing absolutely nothing (about time!!) 🙂

I can’t wait to show you what we did with the Master Suite and additional bedrooms at our beautiful Cottage House! One of our major challenges with this home was the bedroom layout. I felt like each bedroom was smaller than the next, so  we decided to convert the entire south side of the first floor (originally 4 separate bedrooms) into a spacious master suite. I can’t wait to see what you all think in the comments below! 🙂

Landscaping: Berry Outdoor Living Construction

To highlight these big, old, beautiful windows, we decided to paint the inside of the windows black with white trim around the outside. Weave Gotcha Covered made these gorgeous custom-made draperies and bedding. Boy, am I thankful for the talented group of people that work there!

Artwork: Blue Gallery | Ceiling fan: Kichler | Curtains: Weave Gotcha Covered | Bedding:Weave Gotcha Covered | Bench: Growing Days Inventory (Coming Soon!) | Trim: Metrie | Duvet Fabric: Thibaut | Coverlet Fabric: Thibaut | Drape Fabric: Thibaut

This chandelier was originally in the living room of the house. It was definitely too small for the living room, but I knew I HAD to use it somewhere else!! The master closet was the perfect spot. To say I’m in love is understatement!

This adorable master bathroom is home to one my favorite vanities. I am absolutely obsessssed with walnut cabinetry (you’ll see a lot of em’ this season!). For this vanity in particular, I love the natural finish that allows you to see the beauty of the walnut wood grain (something that is not always seen on cabinets!) Not only are they beautiful, but they are functional too! When you open them up, there is all kinds of awesome features like a hair dryer pullout, multiple drawer pullouts and lighting built-in to the mirrors. Perfect for putting on makeup!

Backsplash: Daltile Matte Pearl White | Artwork: Blue Gallery | Sink: Kohler | Towel hangers: Kohler| Plumbing: Kohler | Mirrors: Kohler | Medicine Cabinets: Kohler |Trim: Metrie

How awesome is this wall mount faucet?!?

We also opted for an open style shower because it’s big, beautiful and spacious. I chose this particular shower fixture because I felt that it added a great modern touch to this elegant space.

Shower Fixture: Kohler | Shower Wall Tile: Daltile | Shower Floor Tile: Daltile

The master suite turned out better than I could have imagined! My team and I worked hard to create a space that was luxurious, but still had that cozy, cottage feel. I feel like our mission was accomplished 🙂

Now let’s head upstairs…

One of my favorite parts about the cottage house was designing the upstairs bedrooms, specifically because I was designing it with children in mind! I couldn’t wait make a fun area where tiny minds could explore and play! Originally, this area was all open, but since we took out the 4 small bedrooms downstairs, we decided to turn it into two separate bedrooms with a shared bathroom.

Bedding: Weave Gotcha Covered

These Velux Cabrio Roof Windows truly did make allll the difference in this attic bedroom. It was cramped and dark, and now it is bright and airy and now feels 100 times more welcoming! They completely transformed the room and gave it some much needed character! The best part about the roof windows is that they fold out into a single person balcony. How amazing is that?!

Skylight: VELUX Cabrio | Carpet: Carpet Direct | Chair Pillows: Weave Gotcha Covered | Artwork: Blue Gallery

Artwork: M. Robinson

Light fixture: Kichler | Bench Pillow: Weave Gotcha Covered | Rug and poof : Lorena Canals | Bedding: Growing Days Inventory ( Website coming soon!)

Gingham Tile: Mirth Studio

Carpet: Carpet Direct

I’d say this bedroom is baby girl approved 🙂

To maximize space in the basement, we created an adorable guest suite with an attached bathroom. I want to stay here, I love it so much!!

Trim: Metrie | Artwork: Blue Gallery | Pillows: Weave Gotcha Covered

Stair carpet: Carpet Direct | Artwork: Blue Gallery

When we bought the house, this backyard didn’t have a whole lot going for it. We wanted to transform it into a gardener’s paradise, so we decided to add a She Shed…duh! I’ve never designed a She Shed before and let me be the first to tell you-it was such an awesome, refreshing treat…because options are totally endless! We decided to number the She Shed the same number as the house address (just added .5!) Thought that would be a cute touch 🙂 I’m also super jealous of the garden boxes and wish I had them in my backyard!

Garden Trellis: Ferrand Farms | Garden Boxes: Frog Furnishings

As always, thank you all so much for stopping by the blog. Would love to hear what you all think in the comments below!

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