Happy Sunday, everyone! We have a beautiful and dramatic kitchen transformation to share with you this evening! For those of you who caught Wednesday night’s episode of Bargain Mansions…holy smokes, right?! One of the most challenging houses of the season, hands down! It turned out to be one of my favorites by the end, though.

A lot of people say the Kitchen is the heart of the home and personally, I could not agree more! So many of my own childhood memories are spent making homemade rolls with my mom or sitting at the dining room table doing homework while she made dinner. It’s a place where family can come together, talk about their day, and enjoy a meal. Sometimes, at least for the Day family, it’s the only time of the day where everyone in the same room at once! So, (needless to say), I cherish time spent in the kitchen!

When we first stepped foot into the kitchen of the Charlotte house, my first thought was ‘okay, how do we make this bigger?’ It was seriously microscopic.

I love a kitchen to be as wide open as possible and for it to overlook the dining area if the space allows. In this case, it did! My crew knocked down the main kitchen wall to make it the huge, sunlit kitchen it was meant to be. They also removed the extra door and all the windows from the back wall to make room for more cabinet space and a beautiful range.

For those of you who are visual people (like myself).. here is where the wall was!

One of my  favorite parts about this kitchen is the elegant stained glass mosaic tile that goes from the countertops all the way up to the ceiling. It helps bring so much natural light into the space. We are totally in love with the end result. I was seriously contemplating if I should just go ahead and move in to this house…mostly because of the kitchen. ha!! But really.

Wooden cheese board: Pottery Barn | Countertops: Rocktops | Flowers: Branches & Twigs |  Tile: International Materials of Design | Cabinets & Drawers: McCartney 


Kitchen Accessories: Anthropologie

White pitchers: Growing Days Collection found at Restoration Emporium | Platter: Terrafirma Ceramics also found at restoration emporium

Tassels: Growing Days Collection found at Restoration Emporium

My favorite part about the dining room? Probably the amazing pocket doors! You can barely see them in this photo, but if you look closely – they’re peeking out! I love having the option of closing off the living room from the dining if need be! Features like this help make a large home have that cozy, homey feel! It’s also great when your entertaining to keep people out of the kitchen for last minute prep!

Chairs & Cherries: Growing Days Collection found at Restoration Emporium | Wallpaper: Seabrook

Now this is a light that makes a statement! Finds like these can seriously make a room! Wilson Lighting

Thanks for reading, everyone! The best part about bringing a home back to life is being able to welcome people into it! We always love hearing your feedback and of course, feel free to ask me any questions you have about any of the rooms in the comment section below! See you all next week at 9:00 pm CST on DIY Network!