Happy Tuesday, everyone! Welcome to our third (and final!) post for our most recently featured Bargain Mansion, the Charlotte house!

For those of you who missed the episode last week, this house was an apartment building in its previous life, so the entire house was filled with a ton of walls and tiny rooms. This is especially true for the upstairs portion of the house! It actually started as 5 very small bedrooms and 1 bathroom. In order to make it functional for a family, we knew we had to make some major changes to the floor plan.

My first priority was to figure out how to create a spacious master suite! Our crew knocked out a few of the walls and took out the doors to combine 3 of the bedrooms into 1 large master bed and bath.

Wallpaper: Wallquest | Light fixture: Wilson Lighting | Bedding: Mark Alexander | Flooring: RippnFinish

Pillows: CR Laine | Lumbar: Anthropologie | Lips: Kelly Wearstler

We absolutely loved the way this room turned out. Through the use of elegant, neutral wall paper, amazing natural light, and refurbished oak flooring, we created a bright, inviting suite with a very calm and cozy feel.

As soon as I walked into this second floor bathroom, my eyes were instantly drawn to this brick chimney stack in the middle of the room. It wasn’t meant to be seen, but I immediately knew I wanted it to be the focal point. The crew cleared all of the excess mortar off the brick and brought this baby back to life!

Tile: International Materials of Design | Brass Tub Filler: Kingston | Tub: KohlerShower door: Westport Glass

You all know my biggest priority with the homes I purchase is to keep any historic elements I possibly can. As I mentioned before, it was difficult with this house because it was already demoed, so we had to get creative. Remember the bay window we tore off the living room on the first floor? WELL… we recycled the glass to create a bubble glass panel to use for the window right next to the shower! At first, this was a normal glass window, but who wants a window that close to their shower!? We still wanted some natural light in the bathroom, so the bubble glass was the perfect compromise!

Countertop: Recycled Surfaces | Brass faucets: Kingston | Cabinets/Vanity: McCartney Cabinets | White towels: Costco | Mirrors: Pottery Barn | Light fixtures: Wilson Lighting

Another one of my favorite features of this bathroom are these AMAZING countertops made of recycled glass! ALL of the windows in this house need to be updated, but I hated throwing it all away! We brought the windows into Recycled Surfaces (here in Kansas City!) to see if we could do anything with them. We ended up using big chunks of glass and turning them into beautiful countertops. I LOVED the way they turned out and will definitely be doing this again in future homes!

Sink: Kohler | Tile: International Material of Design | Mirror, Light, Towel Bar: Pottery Barn | Rug: Vintage

Moving on to the kids’ bath and laundry room….! How great is this tile? I think it adds such an awesome vintage touch AND it has a matte finish, so it won’t show dirt easily. When I was little, I remember my grandma actually having tile like this in her bathroom.

One way we were able to incorporate the home’s history into this room is by using the stair treads from the exterior of the house! We cleaned them up and used them as shelving!! They turned out so unique and beautiful!

Wallpaper: Hygge & West | Tile: International Material of Design

We decided to use one of the two remaining bedrooms as a study! Office spaces are so fun to design and decorate because you can let yourself go outside of the box a little! After all, no one wants to work in a bland, uninspiring space! I love shopping around for unique pieces that I wouldn’t necessarily put in a bedroom or living room. We wanted this room to have a rustic, modern feel and in the end, that’s exactly where we landed. 

The biggest challenge for this room was the darn fireplace!  It felt a little heavy for a room this size, so we scaled it back a little so it didn’t protrude into the room. We still wanted it to be a focal point in the room, just not so intense.. ha! We love the way it turned out!

Flowers: Branches & TwigsBench: Growing Days Collection found at Restoration EmporiumPillows and blankets: Growing Days Collection found at Restoration Emporium

Growing Days Collection found at Restoration Emporium

This custom-made light fixture from Barbara Cosgrove is one of those unique pieces I’m talking about. How fitting is this?!

The Charlotte house will forever have a special place in my heart. We took a 100-year old house and made it new again and I cannot wait for a new family to move in and make it their home! (This time, I promise it won’t be a member of my family!) I am curious what you all think of the house! Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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