Hello all!! I hope everyone is staying bundled up out there!! We are having crazy weather in the midwest and as you might’ve guessed, I am VERY cold!! Spring can not come soon enough! On a brighter note, it’s friday and I can’t wait to spend the weekend with my kiddos!!

Our Charlotte house was a considerably easy project compared to some of the others! All of the bones of the house were in really great shape, but it needed serious style help and finish work!! What you can’t see on TV or in the before pictures is the billions of cracks in the walls, rough finishes on the plaster and cracks in the hardwood floors! Unfortunately, we could not save any of the hardwood flooring in the upstairs due to the cracking. Carpet was the only option for this area! We wanted the rooms to feel cozy, so we put an extra pad underneath the carpet to make it super comfortable to walk on 🙂 

Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Artwork on left: Janesko Art | Artwork on right: Katrina Revenaugh | Carpet: Carpet Direct |  Lamp: Kate Spade (Similar One Linked) | Headboard: KC Furnishing Co | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase! | Benches: Gabby (Contact us to purchase!) | Bedding: Weave Gotcha Covered | Bedding Fabric: Thibaut | Plant: Suburban Lawn & Garden | Basket: Contact us to purchase!

The barn door and the headboard were both made by Jeff Huff at KC Furnishing Co. I love these both soooo much because they add so much texture to the space! The barn door is unique because it’s made out of leftover trim from other projects. It also super thick and dense, so the sound between the bedroom and the bathroom is muffled and blocked. You would never guess that looking at the door!

Barn Door: KC Furnishing Co | Artwork: Katrina Revenaugh

In the bathroom, we knocked down all of the walls in order to create a large, luxurious area. However, we ran into some issues….originally, we thought we were removing the chimney, but we would’ve had to remove the chimney from the basement up to the roof cha-ching!! Before we found this out, we ordered a vanity and mirrors and we realized after that the vanity would not fit if the chimney stayed there. Luckily, we saved the original vanity in our warehouse to use on another project. We gave it a fresh coat of paint and added a beautiful quartz top. I love that we added the waterfall edge, it adds a modern touch and looks clean and crisp! 

Floor Tile: Daltile Contempo White | Tile Install Materials: Laticrete | Faucet: Kohler | Sink: Kohler | Cabinet & Ceiling Paint: Benjamin Moore | Rug: Kaleen | Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams

In master shower, we typically add a lot of glass, but for this project we wanted to do something super unique that we haven’t done before! We added this awesome shower curtain rod that’s attached to the ceiling. We decided to paint the rod black, so it blends in with the ceiling. Now, all you see is the ceiling to floor gorgeous shower curtain 🙂 We also added a half wall to hide the shower curtain when it’s not being used. This makes the area feel much more neat and tidy! 

We also decided to mix the finishes on the tub filler and the wall because we wanted to give the area a unique feel. It turned out really beautiful 🙂

Shower Tile: Daltile Sail & Daltile Black | Shower Head: Kohler | Shower Valve: Kohler | Bath Faucet: Kohler | Bathtub: Kohler

Ahh…I call this the living room bedroom disaster! I’m still waiting for the previous homeowner to reach out to me and tell me why they did this!! 

Once my guys got the floor back in and added the beautiful carpet, it started to look more like a cozy bedroom 🙂 We opted for kid proof patterned carpet. It’s more of a flat weave than plush, so it’s super friendly for kids spaces! We had to figure out how to make the chimney from the downstairs family room work in this area. My team and I decided to make one side a closet and the other side a library nook. I love these design choices because it feels very intentional instead of awkward like it did before!

Artwork: Audrey Benskin (Contact us to purchase!) | Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Carpet: Carpet Direct | Rug: Kaleen | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

The library bench was such an inexpensive thing to do! It was only a piece of plywood with trim! Then I built some cute shelves 🙂  I use these same shelves in my kids rooms to store books 🙂

Bench Seat Designer: Weave Gotcha Covered | Fabric: Thibaut

In this picture, it only looks like we put furniture in this room, but the reality is, these were some of the roughest walls I had ever seen!! I think my youngest, Eleanor could have done a better job mudding and taping the walls than the people did on this one!! My guys went through and did a skim coat, smoothed the walls and gave them a fresh coat of paint. Then, I added all of the cute furnishings to make it cozy and warm 🙂

Carpet: Carpet Direct | Polka Dot Pillow Fabric: Thibaut | Pillow Designer: Weave Gotcha Covered | Paint: Sherwin Williams | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

This was another super easy and inexpensive room! The beadboard and awesome sink were already in great condition, so we saved them! The bathtub was amazing, so we took it to Miracle Method to have it reglazed. The previous homeowner already installed the tile on the floor, so the only thing left to do was paint! We went with a soft lavender and I think this bathroom feels so refreshed!!

Bathtub Resurfacing:Miracle Method | Light Sconce: Wilson Lighting | Paint: Benjamin Moore

Changing the exterior of the house from the icky reddish brown trim color to black made all the difference on this house. It feels so much more crisp and bright! I mean come on, how cute is this?!


Thanks for stopping by the blog! Let me know what your favorite part of our Charlotte house was 🙂