Hello all and Happy Friday! Can we say MANSION!!! This one is huge!! Everything about this house screamed ‘rescue me from my abandonment, Tamara!!’ And so I did! I think we brought her from the dated depths of design to a current day masterpiece!

This Bargain Mansion is a classic colonial-style home built in 1905 with amazing bones to build on! From a structural standpoint, the home was in rough condition, and the first floor layout (along with the outdated 70’s decor) needed some serious help!

If you look at the before photos below, you’ll see that there is a tonnnnnn of wallpaper and yes, I am a crazy wallpaper lady and it hurts me deep down that we had to take out all of the wallpaper in this home.  The entryway and hallways were covered top to bottom in wallpaper that made the space seem dark, dreary, and a little overwhelming when in reality the space is massive! I recall walking into the first room coated in wallpaper and thinking to myself “ok. I love some good wallpaper but this is a bit much. I don’t even know what to look at!” It was almost distracting there was so much of it. But wallpaper lovers, rejoice! We added more wallpaper and made sure it was tasteful 🙂 I hope you all enjoy!

Thanks to Pro Liquid Landscaping, we went from all dirt to beautiful green grass in two weeks!

Lighting: ET2 Lighting | Landscaping: Berry Outdoor Living Construction | Limewash: Romabio 

For a home with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, the kitchen was extremely small and shoved in the back corner of the house. Our goal was to make the space more functional for today’s family. My guys removed the wall between the existing kitchen and dining room to create an open concept kitchen and dining area. The new kitchen spans nearly 50ft in length making it the focal point of the entire first floor! To finish off the space,Rocktops helped bring my vision of an over the top waterfall + island to life!! This island is so massive we had to reinforce the subfloor and joists to carry the weight of this behemoth 12ft long island!  It weighs over 2000 lbs and waterfalls left and right, and has more miter cuts and joints than I can count! Of course we couldn’t stop at a fantastic island, we had to top it with these pendant lights that are SO beyond!! The crystals are illuminated from within by LED lights that create a luxury feeling as the light pours out of each crystal. I think that these crystals look similar to the vintage glass knobs that I find in a lot of the houses Dad and I remodel! I love them because they are glamorous and modern! The perfect touch of old meets new! 

For the space to hold a 12 ft island, we had to go big or go home with the appliances, so we went BIG! The range is a 60 in commercial grade stove complete with grill and griddle. Of course, if you need 60 in of cooking space, you have to match that with 60 in of refrigeration space to hold all that food!!  I am convinced that with a kitchen like this, the food will practically cook itself!  On the perimeter of the kitchen, we went with a quartz top to tie everything together. I also went with a marble mosaic backsplash that brings the entire kitchen together!  But lets not forget the cabinetry!! All this beautiful surround is grounded together with a classic black lower cabinetry and bright white uppers. With all the brightness from the marble and stainless steel, we needed something to anchor the space. The black traditional style of these cabinets is exactly the touch that makes this space feel both timeless and traditional, but glamorous and modern all at one time. 

  I hope the future homeowners appreciate all these little details that I have poured into this home because if they don’t, my kids are ready to move on in!! They think it is perfection! (I have to agree) 🙂

Backsplash: Daltile | Island Countertops: Daltile | Paint: Benjamin Moore | Appliances: Hestan/Doolittle  | Tile Installation Materials: Laticrete | Artwork: Audrey Benskin (contact us to purchase!) |  Lighting: Studio M Lighting | Cooking Equipment: American Range | Countertop Fabrication: Rocktops | Cabinets: Crestwood | Cabinet Hardware: Locks and Pulls | Sink: Kohler | Faucet: Kohler  | Wall Color: Benjamin Moore

This house had 6 sun/sleeping porches when we bought it. You can see now how we decided that for a modern family, we needed to repurpose some of these spaces to make a bit more sense for how we live today.  This incredible pantry is a great example of how we took a crazy crooked, but killer space and saved the charming old doors and built a dreamy area that is super functional. If we lived here this would be where all cocktails and baking happen and probably all at the same time right:)  But really imagine the entertaining that can happen in this space, it would be out of this world!  Whoever gets to live here is going to have to love parties because this house is meant to be shared!

Stay tuned for a new blog post discussing all the dreamy details of this area and many more spaces because who doesn’t want to talk about those knobs and brass shelves!!?

Brass Shelving: Wahoo Designs | Cabinet Pulls: Addison Weeks | Cabinets: Crestwood | Door Paint: Benjamin Moore | Light Fixture: Studio M Lighting

I told you there would be wallpaper!! Isn’t this string cloth dreamy! In a small space like this, I think it is so fun to brighten it up and make the space pop! We nailed it with this mud space!

Light Fixture: Maxim Lighting | Door Paint: Benjamin Moore | Wallpaper: Thibaut

Is it just me or do these older homes have the most spectacular chandeliers?!? This chandelier in particular I LOVE. It fit in perfectly with the luxe, galm look I was going for.  (I know glam is exactly what Dad would have gone for in this house too (HAHA)  At least he got the smoking room just like he liked it!

Rug: Kaleen | Dining Room Artwork: Audrey Benskin (contact us to purchase!) | Entryway Art: Blue Gallery | Paint: Benjamin Moore | Wall Sconce: Studio M Lighting

Now, moving on to the living room…orange carpet anyone? 🙂

My goal for the living room was to completely brighten the area up and bring the outdoors in. I was obsessed with the green fireplace, so I used that as a starting point for my color scheme. My guys ripped up the carpet ( and by ripped I mean it literally was so old it ripped into shreds!) sanded down the hardwoods and brought new life to this space. Do you see that radiator in the corner?? How awesome is that! Even though the entire house was updated with all new HVAC and ductwork, I left a lot  of the original radiators because I LOVE the character it adds to homes. This house was built in 1909, so I can’t even imagine the stories it would tell! I have been lucky enough to hear several of the family stories from all the family that still live in the area and were so gracious to stop in on occasion and make sure we were living up to their memory of this glorious home.  One of the best compliments I can get is when the previous family that grew up in the home comes back and is happy with the choices we have made to restore it!

Artwork: M Robinson Artworks | Roman Curtains, Pillow, Bench Seat Designer: Weave Gotcha Covered | Roman Curtain Fabric: Thibaut | Pillow Fabric: Thibaut | Paint: Benjamin Moore | Rug: Kaleen | Curtain Rods: Helser Brothers

Artwork: Leopold Gallery

Curtain Rods: Helser Brothers

I feel like Dad should be the one writing this because this is his favorite space I have ever done!  I think it speaks to his love of cigars and scotch and why wouldn’t it! Can’t you just imagine back in the day after work with this gorgeous steel window open, the breeze pouring in, and dad sitting in his favorite chair smoking his cigar after a long day at work and the kids come pouring in to tell all the days stories.  I think this is a room that memories are made in!!

Light Fixture: Studio M Lighting | Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore

WOW! It is funny how by the end of a project, I forget how bad a state the house started in and this one is no exception!  COME ON what a MESS!  But COME ON how beautiful did this turn out! The house needed a lot of TLC and we made that happen, but the thing that really transformed this project is the limewash that we did.  I love the look of the big old red brick, but over the 100+ years there had been a lot of tuck pointing done and no one paid attention to the details of the mortar and it was a hodge podge of colors.  I didn’t want to paint the brick and I found Justin Thornton who specializes in limewash and I think really made all the difference in the finish of this house. We went with Romabio Limewash in Bianco White and I’m SO happy we did because the end result is FANTASTIC!

I love that the Romabio Limewash is historically accurate to the time of the home as this would have been exactly what would have been used back in the day. To top it all off, the Romabio Limewash was a great cost effective finish that turned out way better than paint ever could have been!

Thank you all for you stopping by the blog and for all of your sweet comments! It makes doing what I do so much better to hear from your lovely faces!

I hope you enjoyed our beautiful Belleview home as much as I did!! Remember to tune in to DIY Network on Wednesday for an all new episode of Bargain Mansions 🙂