Hello and happy Sunday! With all of the homes complete, I now get to spend my week with you all recapping the houses- one of my favorite parts! I hope you all enjoy 🙂

For those of you who missed last week’s episode, this massive home was built in the early 1900’s and is nearly 4,000 square feet. Each square foot of this home needed some love, making this home a HUGE project. It’s safe to say my Dad spent a little more time on demo than usual! 

One of the main things that attracted me to this home was the amount of windows it has. I love natural light because it makes even a small room look bigger. Luckily for me, each bedroom has a beautiful sunroom attached, how awesome is that?!? This house started out with 6 sun porches, so every bedroom has an awesome bonus space. Back in the day, these were meant to be sleeping porches with the purpose of sleeping out there in the summertime with the windows open and the cool breeze flowing in. Did I mention that I LOVE this historic house yet?!? The main living area (what we would currently consider the bedroom) was a sitting room space off of the sleeping porch. Each bedroom has a space like this, making this home soooo luxurious! Even by today’s standards, that’s pretty remarkable!

For the master bedroom, we had two sun porches. I am not sure what the purpose of the other sunporch was other than one was the sleeping and the other was meant to be sat in and enjoyed. Who doesn’t want to look out at all the beautiful mansions surrounding the home from the comfort of a gorgeous sunporch?!? Along with two sun porches, the master also had 6 doorways, a fireplace and a radiator. My team and I realized that there was nowhere to put a king sized bed. There was enough room on one wall for a queen sized bed, but you wouldn’t have been able to have a nightstand. The layout was super awkward and the flow was tough to work with making this whole master suite dysfunctional. My guys decided to close up one of the sun porches (don’t worry we made this sunporch into a jaw-dropping master closet!), and got rid of the nonworking fireplace. Now, we have TONS of functioning room 🙂 I absolutely adore the way this master bedroom turned out!

The soffit around the room is hiding all of the ductwork. I ended up really liking this feature because it adds character to the design and gave the room a coffered ceiling. It looks like the ceiling is elevated, but in reality we had to bring down all of the duct work! Of course, we wanted to make sure the glam was continued upstairs as much as it was downstairs! We added this gorgeous gold vinyl wallpaper ceiling. To top it off, we added this gorgeoussss light fixture! I think this master is made for Kings and Queens 🙂 What do you think?!?

Lighting: Studio M Lighting | Lamps: Barbra Cosgrove | Artwork: Audrey Benskin (contact us to purchase!) | Walls: Benjamin Moore | Wallpaper: Thibaut | Small Artwork: Blue Gallery | Paint Color: Benjamin Moore | Lighting: Studio M Lighting

This sunroom needed LOTS of love…the windows were nonfunctional, but we made them all work because we reallllyyy love saving these kinds of elements! When my guys pulled up the carpet, there was dark hardwoods underneath. Thankfully, we were able to sand them down and return them to their original glory!

Light Fixture: Studio M Lighting

This closet…. You thought the bedroom was made for Kings and Queens?! Just look at this closet!! It has 72 feet of hanging space and more than double that in shelving space!

Light Fixture: Studio M Lighting

Walls: Benjamin Moore | Lighting: Studio M Lighting | Clothing: Camp David | Hanger: Kohler

Originally, the master bath didn’t allow for the space that I envisioned and it was about as small as a children’s bathroom is. My guys decided to expand the space into the original wardrobe room and storage space. We created a functional area with double vanities, a killer master shower with tub, two shower heads, bench, and the beautiful tile work.  I loooovvveeee how laid-back luxe this master shower turned out!

In order to create the vanity space that I imagined, my guys had to take out the original window that was above where the sinks now are. From the outside, the window is still there because we wanted to keep the symmetry of the exterior. On the inside, they painted sheetrock black and tiled the area in. From the outside, it looks like the lights are always off! We also built the wall out a few feet, so there would be enough insulation in the walls so the pipes will never freeze!

We also added TONS of can lighting, so the owners will always have a bright space! I LOVE how beautifully this bathroom is tied together! One of my favorites from season 2!

Flooring: Daltile Hexagon Mosaic | Shower Walls: Daltile Carrara White | Vanity Back Splash: Daltile Florentine Gates | Vanity Countertops: Daltile Morning Frost | Shower Door: Coastal Shower Doors | Cabinet Hardware: Addison Weeks | Cabinets: Crestwood | Shower Door: Coastal Shower Doors | Shower & Bath Plumbing Fixtures: Kohler | Lighting: Studio M Lighting | Mirrors: Gabby | Plumbing Fixtures: Kohler | Artwork: Audrey Benskin (contact us to purchase!) | Flower Arrangement: Branches and Twigs

For the hall bath, I was SO sad to lose all of that beautiful subway tile. Unfortunately, it was all damaged to the point of no salvation. The tub was GORGEOUS, but there was no way to make it into a shower without a giant mess and huge expense. My guys decided to gut the entire space and create this awesome bathroom!

We wanted to save the historic look of the subway tile, so we used an extra long white tile that has a lot of movement, but also still has that great handmade texture. I wanted to place it in a more modern pattern, so we came up with this fun way to stack the tile. I love how this space feels old and new at once! We also added the black and white marble floor for that extra touch of old world look!

Since it’s not a massive bathroom, I wanted to make it a space with a splash guard door. I love these doors for kids spaces because they swing in or out and keep the water in the tub, but still make the space feel open without being a sliding door.

Shower & Wall Tile: Daltile Italian Alps | Black Flooring: Daltile Antico Scuro | White Flooring: Empyrean Ice | Paint Color: Benjamin Moore  | Artwork: Audrey Benskin (contact us to purchase!) | Plumbing Fixtures: Kohler | Shower Door: Kohler

I LOVE this blue wallpaper! If there had only been a box in the basement, I would have reused this somewhere! SO beautiful! But I do think this space did turn out awesome. I love the flow of the bedroom to the sun porch on the back!

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore | Lighting: Maxim Lighting | Rug & Throw Pillows: Lorena Canals

This home had SO many windows (which I love!!), but unfortunately the windows made the bedroom layout unfunctional, so my guys took out one window to make space for a bed. I absolutely love the way this little girls room turned out!

Using two twin beds seemed like the perfect way to style this house! If the owners don’t want these two twin beds, they are coming home to my baby girls room because I think they are so precious!

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore  | Lighting: Studio M Lighting | Floor & Shower Floor: Daltile Yukon White | Vanity Backsplash: Daltile Yukon White Picket | Shower Walls: Daltile Arctic White | Pillows: Weave Gotcha Covered | Lamps: Barbra Cosgrove

Wall Picket Tile: Daltile Yukon White Marble | Floor Tile: Daltile Yukon White Marble | Shower Wall Tile: Daltile Centennial White | Paint Color: Benjamin Moore | Light Fixture: Maxim Lighting | Faucet: Kohler | Mirror: Pottery Barn

I love this picket style marble tile. We’ve used it several times vertical and horizontal this season and I think each way is special in it’s own way. Specifically for this bathroom, I love the stripes going up the wall, it looks extra awesome 🙂

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