Hello all!! What a busy weekend I had! It was a treat to meet all of you at our open house this weekend 🙂 I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and show you all the recap of our Belinder House! Enjoy!

Wow! What a house! This one took a lot of time and ideas, but we pulled it all together in the end. I have to say, when I first bought this house, I had a lot of ideas for it and there was lots of frustrations. My fear was bumping up a ranch would make it look like a pop-up camper. I think we really brought the charm when we made this house come together. The brick on the front was such an usual layout and the landscaping was old and dead. Overall, there wasn’t a lot to work with other than a fantastic lot and footprint. After doing this house, I have decided that my next house is going to be the same footprint as this one! I love the U-shape with the gorgeous courtyard in the back. I also really like the garage being on the backside of the house because it makes the front of the house look sooo big and also gives you a little bit of privacy. I can almost envision having little kids and being able to play in the backyard and driveway!

Exterior Paint: Sherwin Williams | Faux Stone: Complete Home Concepts | Gutters: Complete Home Concepts | Insulation: Knauf Insulation | Landscaping: Berry Outdoor Living Construction | Beams & Shutters: KC Furnishing Co | Windows: Kc Building Supply

We found complete home concepts who made the biggest transformation on this house. Changing the brick to stone was truly a work of art. It wouldn’t have been possible to use a natural limestone because the weight of it couldn’t have been held by the foundation. Fortunately, we were able to use the faux stone and it completely changed the entire look of the house and made it look older than it actually is! Adding so much stone to the house gave it a charming feel and on top of that, the black windows added such an elegant touch. They really accent everything about this house sooo beautifully! Around the windows are these beautiful shutters that are made out of old cargo lumber from old rail cars. Dad and I, with the help of Jeff Huff at KC Furnishing Co , built these beautiful shutters! It’s was such a treat to head to the shop with Dad. I haven’t done that in years 🙂  I think the shutters were the thing that took this house and changed it into a home! The day the shutters went up, I felt like this house was really finished 🙂 Justin Thorton Painting did a beautiful job painting the exterior of the home that gorgeous dark color. I also love the faux copper gutter. The nice thing about the gutters is that because it’s faux, it will never tarnish, so it will always look this fantastic! All of these different details with the shutters and big beams in front make this home have an amazing curb appeal! Even though the home feels modern and traditional, it still has a little outdoorsy vibe! 

Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting

When I first walked into this house, I knew immediately that there was going to be some really big changes. I didn’t immediately think that my guys would take this fireplace out, but it was such a stumbling block for this kitchen. Once they took the fireplace out, it opened up the space and allowed for SO many more possibilities! Turning the giant window into a big beautiful set of French Doors brought so much light and airiness to the space! Both of these changes made the entire place feels like a completely new house!

Living Room Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Rug: Kaleen | Flower Arrangement: Bel Fiore Farm And Floral | Interior Paint: Benjamin Moore | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

The kitchen opening up into the living room is so inviting and makes this the perfect house for entertaining! We actually had our wrap party for season 2 here and we were able to fit a couple hundred people comfortably!

I love all of the gorgeous furniture in this living area. I absolutely love this rug pattern, I think it adds that outdoor element inside. I also love the fun details of this coffee table, it’s one of my favorites! What do you think of those gorgeous upholstered chairs?! I looooveee how the black velvet goes all the way down the legs. The detail is just remarkable! The sofa adds a touch of cozy and snug, but still clean and sheek. Another cool thing about the sofa is that it is actually a part of a sectional. This furniture piece is such a great use of space because you can use the chaise or turn it into an L shape. There are so many possibilities 🙂 I’m also loving the light fixture in here and I think that it’s very appropriate for the winter. The little bits of glass hanging down feel like icicles! Since it has not warmed up at all in KC, this seems fitting! 

The kitchen before was redone sometime in the 90’s. It wasn’t a horrible kitchen, but it wasn’t a great kitchen. Opening up the space made all the difference in how you use this kitchen. I wanted the new design to feel traditional with a touch of glamorous and do something a little different with the cabinets than we’ve ever done before!

Countertop: Daltile Black Soap Stone | Backsplash: Daltile First Snow Elegance | Countertop Fabrication: Rocktops | Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Flower Arrangement: Bel Fiore Farm And Floral | Trim: Metrie | Artwork On Left: Leopold Gallery | Faucet: Kohler | Sink: Kohler | Cabinet Hardware: Locks and Pulls | Cabinets: Crestwood | Hardwood Flooring: The Master’s Craft | Tile Install Materials: Laticrete | Insulation Installer: Henges Insulation | Appliances: Doolittle | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

We were able to do the single shelf across the bottom out of soapstone with a ledge that you can set things on. I feel like the future homeowner is going to use this for the salt & pepper, olive oils, everything is going to sit there and it will just be so handy! My team and I also added a huge wall of beautiful tile that makes such a statement. If you notice, we only added one upper cabinet because there was SO much storage underneath. We opted for open shelving and I’m so glad we did because the shelves add so much charm, but they don’t overpower the space! They bring the eye up and make the area feel grand and beautiful 🙂

My guys added two pantries, a butler’s one with gorgeous frosted glass and a walk-in pantry. For both of these areas, we added motion sensor lights, so when you open the pantry door, the light immediately comes on! Both of these pantries are really easy to use spaces! I can just imagine the parties in this kitchen and I think the butlers pantry will come in very handy 🙂

Faux Stone: Complete Home Concepts | Plants: Suburban Lawn & Garden | Flower Arrangement: Bel Fiore Farm And Floral | Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Rug: Kaleen | Interior Paint: Benjamin Moore |Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase! | Fireplace: Complete Home Concepts

I really wanted to save this fireplace, but the further into the project we got, I realized that we had to tie the stone from the front and back of the house into the kitchen. I think it was a happy accident that the brick on this fireplace was beyond salvageable. We wanted to put in this beautiful fireplace where with the push of a button, the gas turns on and there’s a fire. I also think it ties everything in the house together from the stone in the front, to the stone in the backyard, everything really comes together nicely.  My husband and I with the kids all spent several nights in this house when the floors in our house were getting refinished and that kitchen table is the coziest place to sit and have a glass of wine. It’s inspired us so much that now we have a very similar fireplace being installed in our basement!

Countertop: Daltile Black Soap Stone | Countertop Fabrication: Rocktops | Cabinet Hardware: Addison Weeks

We added a smokey glass back wall to the butler’s pantry that Complete Home Concepts did for us. They really are complete home concepts! They can practically do anything! In general, I’m not a big fan of mirrors in a lot of spaces, but this was the perfect accent to this space. The mirror really is a show piece in this kitchen and the smokiness makes it feel really warm and inviting. I also love the hardware we added. I think it compliments the soapstone countertops really well 🙂 It adds a little bit of charm and glam to the cabinets and elevated them tremendously!

Artwork: Catie Radney | Interior Paint: Benjamin Moore | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

This artwork is one of my favorite pieces! This painting really speaks to me and I wonder what secrets they’re telling each other and talking about. I’ve spent a lot of time enjoying this painting in the house this year 🙂

Artwork: Tara Flores

Wallpaper: Seabrook Wallpaper | Trim:Metrie | Plant: Suburban Lawn & Garden | Rug:Kaleen | Flooring: The Master’s Craft

This awesome mud space could not have existed in the original floor plan. We created not just a staircase to the second floor, but also a mud space that’s well placed with the garage door to one side and the front door to the other. It makes for the perfect place to kick off your boots! To top the area off, we made this fun little nook under the stairs for kids to play. This is such an awesome use of the area! I can’t wait to see how the next family uses it. I know that they have a little girl on the way and I imagine this is going to be her favorite room in the house that she will enjoy making memories in for years to come 🙂

Faucet: Kohler | Vanity: Kohler | Light Sconces: Wilson Lighting | Artwork: Kelly O’Neal | Mirror: Pottery Barn | Cabinet Pulls: Addison Weeks | Flower Arrangement: Bel Fiore Farm And Floral | Trim: Metrie

What a fun space this was! Originally, it was a full bath, but it didn’t need to be, so my guys turned it into a half bath and made a great linen closet. I love this vanity with the cast enamel countertop and sink! The lights, faucet, paper towel roll, all match beautifully together and create the perfect accent 🙂

Garage: Overhead Door | Exterior Paint: Sherwin Williams | Faux Stone: Complete Home Concepts | Gutters: Complete Home Concepts | Insulation: Knauf Insulation | Landscaping: Berry Outdoor Living Construction

What a complete transformation this area was! I am blow away from just looking at these pictures from before and after!! The garage doors were such a beautiful finishing piece to this space. I love that they look like wood, but they’re actually faux. I also love that we added more windows to the doors, they really open up the space 🙂

Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Furniture, Dish ware, Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

Fireplace: Complete Home Concepts | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase! | Water Feature: Good Earth Watering

This whole area is such a fun courtyard affect and it’s so open and inviting. I just love the idea of a young family enjoying this space. You can sit by the fire and still see your kids riding their tricycles. There are truly 3 different living spaces in this backyard to enjoy. You have the fireplace, dining area, and the interior courtyard between the bedroom and the kitchen that’s so private and inviting. It feels so private because the fireplace blocks the view of the house behind and the trees block the view of the houses to the side. We also added this gorgeous water feature from Good Earth Watering in the corner. Unfortunately, it was too cold for me to use it!! But I know the future homeowners are going to take advantage of this! It’s a perfect backyard in my opinion! At night, when the lanterns are turned on the and fire is going, this is the place I want to be 🙂

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