Hello all!! It’s been SO busy in my house and I’m just now getting a minute to sit down and write!! We just got back from Spring Break and then my youngest, Nora was sick this week! To say Mama was busy is an understatement!!

Wow! This house was a mess!! But it actually ended up being one of my favorite floor plans and I’ve told my husband that if we ever build our own house, I want it to be designed in this layout because I think it is absolutely fantastic!

Hardwood Flooring: The Master’s Craft | Insulation Installer: Henges Insulation | Rug: Kaleen | Bed:  Zuo (Contact us to purchase!) Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Basket on Wall: All Across Africa | Flower Arrangements:  Bel Fiore Farm And Floral | Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore | Insulation Materials:  Knauf Insulation | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

If you notice above the bed, there is a soffit that hides all the plumbing that runs across the house from the bathroom in the kid’s bedrooms and the bathrooms to the jack and jill bathroom upstairs. I liked how this makes it feel a little cozy and intentional around the bed! The French doors was about a 5-10 feet addition. This allowed for us to make an extra bedroom upstairs and made the master bedroom bigger!  One of the things I love about this bedroom is that you can look out and see that beautiful backyard with the fireplace and the trees. I also love that there’s your own private sitting area right off the master bedroom! If I lived here, this would be my go-to place for coffee in the morning 🙂

Artwork: Kelly O’Neal | Trim: Metrie | Plant: Suburban Lawn & Garden

I LOVE these nightstands. These are two of my favorite ones! They come in a dark black cerused wood and a blonde cerused wood. I have the blonde version in my own room at home 🙂 I also love the hardwood floors. Everyone at the open house was asking if they were real because they’re just that perfect. There’s a lot of character in the texture of the wood. The sides are hand scraped and the finish is durable and beautiful 🙂

Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Hardwood Flooring: The Master’s Craft | Insulation Installer: Henges Insulation | Trim: Metrie | Rug: Kaleen | Insulation Materials:  Knauf Insulation | Closet Maker: Modular Closet

This is the master closet that dreams are made of! Holy cow! We added push drawers with all of this killer storage. Modular Closet’s helped us design the closet and made the process SO easy! All we had to do was send them the dimensions of the space, tell them where the windows were, and where the door was. Then, they came up with the best way to utilize the space. How cool is that?! I also love these lights! I’ve used versions of these lights quite frequently the mansions I’ve designed. The glass rods held in there reflect the light so beautifully, it’s a really dramatic fixture!

Oh my gosh! Who else felt bad for Dad when the shower glass door broke?! Because I didn’t!! He never admitted that he did it, but you’ve got to wonder!! It was probably because it was SO cold out in that garage. As many of you know, this winter has been exceptionally cold and it started WAY earlier than it usually does!! The door was out in the garage and when they were trying to pick it up, it shattered! Definitely not his fault, but I love giving him a hard time about it 🙂 At the end of the day, it was ONLY the end of the day and not the end of the world. The new shower door turned out just as beautiful!

Tile: Daltile Calacatta | Shower Floor Tile: Daltile Calacatta | Artwork:  Allison Ford | Rug: Kaleen | Bath Spout: Kohler | Bath Spout Handles: Kohler | Bath Tub: Kohler | Shower Head: Kohler | Shower Handle: Kohler | Hand Shower Head: Kohler

The tile in this bathroom is actually a porcelain in a large scale format! Can you believe it?! These tiles are absolutely huge, they’re 18X24. Even in person, everyone thought that they were marble! The tiles are basically artwork in here, they’re just that beautiful 🙂

Artwork:  Allison Ford

Speaking of artwork…. I love these piece of art above the towel bars!

Tile: Daltile Calacatta | Faucet: Kohler | Sink Cross Handles: Kohler | Sink: Kohler | Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Trim: Metrie | Flower Arrangement: Bel Fiore Farm And Floral

The fixtures in this bathroom is a different finish than we’ve ever used before. I like mixing it up sometimes! It’s called a pewter finish and it looks like black and silver with a antique look. I like the contrast against the bold tile. It all goes together so beautifully 🙂

These cabinets are quite the upgrade than what was here before! The finish of the cabinets is really unique and incredibly durable! I also love that we added the shelf underneath for towel storage. You can’t really tell from this picture, but the sinks are rectangular with a bubbled top. This just added a little bit more detail 🙂

My Family and I stayed at this house while our floors were being finished and while my Husband and I were sitting in the kitchen having a glass of wine by that beautiful fireplace, one of our boys was taking a shower. From the fireplace, you can see straight through the kitchen window to the outdoor into the master bathroom. As he was getting into the shower, we could see his little head bobbing up and down. After he realized that we could see him, he started dancing, jumping up and down and waving at us. It was pretty cute 🙂

Artwork: Kelly O’Neal | Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Stair Runner: Milliken and Carpet Direct | Hardwood Flooring: The Master’s Craft | Insulation Installer: Henges Insulation | Insulation Materials:  Knauf Insulation | Trim: Metrie | Railing: LJ Smith

Can we have a moment for this entryway?! Because this light fixture is amazing! I’ve used it a few times before in other mansions and it’s been one of my favorites 🙂 I love that it’s white on the outside and gold on the inside with all of those beautiful bulbs, it lights up the space 🙂 Let’s all talk about this stair runner because this is straight from heaven! This antelope pattern is KID PROOF!! Do you hear me, Moms?! KID PROOF! It has so many different varieties of colors in it, that you will never know when someone steps in mud and tracks it up the stairs. It is going to hide everything 🙂 With four different shades of brown and spots all over, it is made for children!

There are SO many choices in a house and each one matters to the overall feeling. In this house specifically, when our guys added an entire second floor, I wanted to make sure it felt unified and not like an addition. This stair case and railing was HUGE part of making this transition feel authentic. Choosing rod iron would have been a clean look, but didn’t feel historically accurate for the home. I love the simple 2×2 spindles painted white to match the trim work, which gave the look of an older feel 🙂

You might remember this painting from season 1 of our Warwick house, because we used that in the kitchen. It is still one that I LOVE!

Adhesive Wall Tile: Decopainel | Artwork: Audrey Benskin (Contact us to purchase!) | Rug: Kaleen | Plants: Suburban Lawn & Garden | Trim: Metrie |  Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Insulation Materials:  Knauf Insulation | Lamps: Barbara Cosgrove

What a fun space this loft is! And oh my goodness, I have gotten SO many questions about these wall tiles! The link is above 🙂 Tag me in pictures if you order them because I would love to see how they transform your space!

I love this whole area with the fun rug, two square coffee tables and the cozy couch. It makes me want to stay inside all day curled up with my Babies! When we stayed here, one of my boys opted to sleep on this couch over a bed, it’s just that comfortable! It’s almost the size of a queen size bed, it’s so nice and deep 🙂

Artwork: Theresa Benavidez

One of the things you can’t see is that behind the painting, there’s a spot to hang a TV! This is a great hangout spot for kids to play video games and watch TV!

Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Hardwood Flooring: The Master’s Craft | Insulation Installer: Henges Insulation | Rug: Kaleen | Lamp:  Barbara Cosgrove | Flower Arrangements:  Bel Fiore Farm And Floral | Trim: Metrie | Insulation Materials:  Knauf Insulation | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

How awesome is it to have a bonus bedroom, with a bathroom and a cute nook on the first floor?! This is such a fun and functional space! The awesome thing about the Family that’s moving in is that they’re going to have their first baby. They’re going to make the changing space where the desk is and I can only imagine how darling this area is going to be when they take over! My heart is so happy that kids will get to grow up in this home 🙂

Floor Tile: Daltile Contempo White | Shower Wall Tile: Daltile Gloss Desert Gray | Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore | Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Pedestal: Kohler | Sink: Kohler | Mirror: Kohler | Faucet: Kohler | Shower Head: Kohler | Tile Install Materials: Laticrete | Toilet: Kohler

This bathroom shower has a great nook for putting soap in. I also love the tile, it’s such a nice subtle gray tile in an extra long pattern. It’s such a simple bathroom, but SO functional!

Artwork:Janesko Art | Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Carpet: Carpet Direct | Window Treatment Designer: Weave Gotcha Covered | Window Treatment Fabric: Thibaut | Artwork: Audrey Benskin (Contact us to purchase!) | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

Talk about a fun bedroom! This is such a fun room and what a great view out the back of the house! I love how big the closets are for this space, it really compliments a house this size that all the kids bedrooms have all this extra space!

Floor Tile: Daltile Cove Creek | Wall Tile: Daltile Carrara White | Tile Install Materials: Laticrete | Artwork: Audrey Benskin (Contact us to purchase!) | Mirror: Pottery Barn | Vanity: Kohler | Flower Arrangement: Bel Fiore Farm And Floral | Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting

I love this bathroom because it has such a vibrant look to it 🙂 Another thing I love is the toilets, it has a square base and has a little bit more style than your typical toilet. The toilet along with the modern, clean faucet and the beautiful vanity with the gorgeous tile in the shower really ties the whole area together. And who doesn’t love a cute little puppy dog piece of art?!

Window Treatment Designer: Weave Gotcha Covered | Window Treatment Fabric: Thibaut | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase! | Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Carpet: Carpet Direct | Artwork: Audrey Benskin (Contact us to purchase!) | Lamp: Barbara Cosgrove |  Flower Arrangements:  Bel Fiore Farm And Floral

Floor Tile: Daltile Cove Creek | Countertop: Daltile Black Soapstone | Sconces: Kohler | Faucet: Kohler

This jack and jill bathroom is to die for! I love the gorgeous soapstone countertop that looks beautiful with the octagon mirror and the incredible lights. I think this was such a fun modern take on soapstone, which is normally a traditional element! I also love the shower tile, I think the fun soft gray/blue tile makes for such a playful, whimsical space 🙂

Wall Tile: Daltile Deep Gray | Tile Install Materials: Laticrete | Bath Tub: Kohler

Artwork:Audrey Benskin (Contact us to purchase!) | Light Fixture: Wilson Lighting | Carpet: Carpet Direct | Flower Arrangements:  Bel Fiore Farm And Floral | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase!

I have to admit that I am taking home the ballerina artwork, scalloped table and the flowers for Nora’s new big girl bedroom! Can’t wait to make this bedroom happen! 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by the blog!! Let me know what your favorite room of this house was below 🙂