Episode 6 takes us inside of a 1970s Tudor home that has one of my favorite transformations! I love all of the contrasting colors we chose to include that helped create this charming outdoorsy lakehouse vibe that is present throughout the house.


Light Fixtures: Kichler

A lot of the houses in this neighborhood are painted with bright colors, so we wanted to do something a little different but still make it fit in. We went with this nice blue that has a lot of dusty undertones with black accents and white trim. A beautiful new roof and two new garage doors were also a great addition.



Light Fixture: Kichler | Wallpaper: Wallquest Carl Robinson Edition 12 | Wall Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams) | Art: Jennifer Keim | Rug: Kaleen Rug, can be bought at Growing Days Home

As soon as you walk in, everything is different. This wallpaper we chose for the entryway is one of my favorites of the season. It’s super bold but neutral and cozy at the same time. It flows from the first floor and continues up to the second floor. Although it is floral, it’s a really masculine floral pattern with a feminine touch. I think it was the perfect way to enter into this home and really appreciate the outdoorsy vibe, but not make it too frilly. These beautiful blonde hardwood floors are neutral with very little finish to them and they were one of those floors that really looked so much better when we were finished. The entryway was originally so crowded with that big dated closet wall that we opened up and it changed the whole vibe to make it feel like a large entryway. I envision that whoever moves in here will put in a beautiful armoire for a coat closet and use a furniture piece instead of that heavy clunky closet. Having the staircase be more open makes everything feel lighter and brighter.


Formal Living Room

Mantle Light Fixture: Kichler | Center Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams) | Fireplace Tile: Daltile | Art: Audrey Benskin | Art: Katie White | Art: Leopold Gallery | Rug: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

Then, we opened up the walls between the entryway and the formal living room and the entryway and the kitchen – what a stunning statement when you walk into this front room! The hardwood floors look gorgeous, but that beautiful trim work was fantastic AND original. We wanted to leave the brickwork around the fireplace and just update the hearth with a beautiful tile on the floor. One of the things you don’t see here is that we planned on putting wallpaper on the walls, but unfortunately the wallpaper didn’t work for the space. It was a pattern with a lot of lines and with an old house like this, it didn’t work out because not everything is 100% straight, and the wallpaper would have just highlighted that. Unfortunately, the wallpaper was let go, but I don’t think it’s missing by any means. I wanted this space to feel very homey and inviting. I obviously love a good bookcase, and this room is no exception. My eye is drawn to the artwork on the left by Leopold Gallery, which looks like a storm is brewing in combination with the oyster artwork on the right by Katie White that has more of a lakehouse vibe. I wanted to embrace that feeling of drama as much as possible, which is why I also really loved how the large windows allowed so much light to pour in and highlight the great kichler lights on the ceiling.


Kitchen/Dining Room

Light above island: Kichler | Lights next to stove: Kichler | Wall Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams) | Island Paint Color: Pashmina (Benjamin Moore) | Countertop, Backsplash, Vent Hood Surround: Daltile | Dining Room Light Fixture: Kichler | Dining Room Wall Color: Black Magic (Sherwin Williams) | Art: Leopold Gallery | Runner: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

This kitchen was originally in rough shape and those ceiling beams weren’t doing it any favors. This was a complete total transformation from top to bottom. We removed all of the dated cabinetry, all of the wooden beams, and all the linoleum floors. We opened up the wall between the family room and the stairway, making it feel open and inviting. We really wanted this to keep with the vibe of an open and airy lakehouse, so we went with this beautiful natural cabinetry with a nice raw stain and clear coat finish. I love the contrast of the light-colored island with the striking black wall. The color of the striking black wall was intentionally chosen. I wanted a black wall on each end of the space, so when you look either left or right, you either see the black wall in the dining room or the black wall in the family room, tieing the whole space together. This house is a big house, but it’s not a massive house and I believe that the dark walls really gave the feeling of more space to each room. It makes the spaces feel longer and deeper. I wanted to give this space more personality with these floating shelves that dad helped me build, which I think was such a benefit. I also really liked this cottage door out to the back deck. These doors are always so charming and one of my favorite things.

Before I wrap up any house, I always make sure that I leave it in the best condition I can and make sure the owners after me have countertops and tile that are protected. So, I use RockDoctor to make that happen in my own house, as well as in these projects.


Powder Room

Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams) | Wall Tile: Daltile | Countertop: Daltile

I wanted this bathroom to be a little bit glam, so we went with a glass tile backsplash and a countertop with a natural dark stain. Also, the natural wood vanity was a nice contrast to the floors.


Family Room

Center Light Fixture: Kichler | Sconces on Fireplace: Kichler | Wall Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams) | Fireplace Wall Tile: Daltile | Art: Julie Venstra | Art: Audrey Benskin | Rug: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

These beams!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, but they definitely needed beefed up. This space had a lot of water damage. A lot of cats previously lived in this house and it was just in really bad shape, so we wanted to give it a complete and total transformation. I think we managed to make that happen pretty well! We did these beautiful reclaimed beams and we wanted the feeling of this room to be more of a modern lakehouse vibe. Having that old reclaimed cargo lumber with that striking black tile was the perfect balance of modern rustic. I wanted the hearth to be unique and special for this space and I felt like the linear lines of the tile really work well with the Strothers Fabrication steel of the hearth. Chris at Strothers Fabrication did such a great job with that! The light fixtures that look like bleached beachwood are actually metal with a faux finish. These added for a really great addition to the space. This family room was a nice wide room, so having the two leather couches just made it feel very warm and cozy. I don’t know if it made it in the episode, but the window in this room was originally three different windows and was in really bad condition. This window you are currently seeing was originally in the kitchen, but we moved it to this side of the house so that it could mirror the dining room window and put a door to the backyard in the kitchen in its place!


Kids Bedroom

Light Fixture: Kichler | Wallpaper: Wallquest Woodlands | Wall Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams) | Art: Elaine Burge

In this before photo, you can see that this was the wallpaper that gives wallpaper a bad name, so we definitely had to give it a refresh! I wanted to embrace those beautiful dormer edges on the ceiling and of course tie in the lakehouse feeling we created downstairs, so we put in this fun kids bed that my kids were jealous of. Such a fun cozy cabin-like space! This was one of those rooms that was already nicely sized, so we took a couple of feet out so that we were able to make the master closet even bigger and better.


2nd Floor Hall Bathroom

Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams) | Countertop: Daltile | Wall Tile (Top): Daltile | Wall Tile (Bottom): Daltile | Floor Tile: Daltile

The tile work in here was the show stopper of the space! Unfortunately, the after photo doesn’t quite do it justice. We did this awesome white band of tile with a vertical straight stack on top of the brick stack gray horizontal tile. This was one of those fun spaces that is really great for moms because it has tile from floor to ceiling all the way around the room.


Master Bedroom

Light Fixture: Kichler | Wallpaper: Wallquest Global Style | Art: Chari Peak | Art: Barloga Studios

If you could smell what this room smelled like before… It smelled awful in here! I was barely hanging on! Luckily, we were able to completely transform this space. We brought in this quilted-like wallpaper that is actually a flat paper but looks like a cozy sweater. The pop of orange added at the bottom of the bed reminded me of a beautiful sunset, reinforcing that lakehouse feeling. What you may not have noticed, the placement of the windows was kind of weird and it wasn’t in the budget to move them. So, we ended up working with Kelly at Weave Gotcha Covered and came up with the idea of using drapes on the wall flanking the bed to make it look as if the wallpaper was the headboard. The drapes are also functional, so you can choose to have light pouring in as well. Finally, the closet is much larger than what we were dealing with before. Now it’s a true walk-in closet, rather than a tiny little closet.


Master Bathroom

Vanity Lights: Kichler | Flush Mount Fixture: Kichler | Vanity: Kichler | Wall Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams) | Vanity Paint Color: Black Magic (Sherwin Williams) | Vanity Hardware: Addison Weeks Hardware | Countertop: Daltile | Vanity Backsplash: Daltile | Shower Tile (back wall): Daltile | Shower Tile (Side Walls) + Shower Floor + Bathroom Floor: Daltile | Shower Floor (Drain Slope): Daltile

We definitely went with a masculine vibe with the black cabinetry and this fun chevroned pattern backsplash for the shower and the vanity. The three pendant lights were chosen to evenly illuminate the entire bathroom and gorgeous Kichler mirrors. Although this may not be the largest master bathroom, we actually doubled the size of what it originally was.


Basement Rec Room

Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams) | Wood-Look Floor Tile: Daltile | Art: Juliet Meeks | Rug: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

This space was infested with spiders and was in really bad shape, so we completely changed the flow and the format into a really great teenager space or mother-in-law suite. There’s living space and there’s power for a television, making it the perfect place to relax and hang out.


Basement Bedroom

Light Fixture: Kichler | Wallpaper: Wallquest White on White | Art: Audrey Benskin | Rug: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

We first added this egress window to make this space a bedroom. I wanted the wallpaper in this room to embrace that forest lake vibe, which was also reinforced with that beautiful Audrey Benskin painting.


Basement Bathroom

Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams) | Vanity Paint Color: Still Water (Sherwin Williams) | Floor Tile: Daltile | Vanity Backsplash: Daltile | Countertop: Daltile | Shower Wall Tile: Daltile | Shower Floor Tile: Daltile | Rug: Available from Growing Days Home

This fun modern style bathroom ties in perfectly with the black colors featured in the rest of the house. Doing the black metallic backsplash, black slate looking flooring, and the gorgeous white straight stack in the shower really made this bathroom come together.


Back Exterior

In the backyard, we re-sodded the yard and added this great pergola. The theme throughout this entire house, inside and out, was little touches of black. From the front door to the garage door, to the pergola, and all the little elements in between!