Light Fixture: Kichler | Light Fixture: Kichler | Front Door Paint: Gallery Green (Sherwin Williams) | Shutter’s Paint: Domino (Sherwin Williams)


Light Fixture: Kichler

Wallpaper: Wallquest Catwalk

One of my favorite comments from this episode is “this is going to be an all-star house, it just doesn’t need to be an ‘all-star’ house with this entryway tile!” Holy cats, that was the first thing I knew had to go. The entryway was super dated with the carpet on the stairs and the color of the trim work. The banister needed more interest and we wanted to make this feel much more modern so the first thing we did was change out the stairs with a black metal railing which really made it feel like we’d updated the entire space. The other big change here was closing up the wall between the entryway and dining room. We did that for the new mud space and pantry, but it also made the entry feel larger despite closing it off. We went with a bright white paint color, added the fantastic light fixture and then the fun wallpaper behind the bookcase made a great focal wall and a warm welcome as you enter the house. Throughout the entire house, we did a bleached blonde hardwood, which are beautiful and they’ll be such easy maintenance so I love that for this family home.


Light Fixture: Kichler | Art: Glenna Adkins | Arm Chairs & Rug: Available from Growing Days Home | Accent Wall Paint Color: Iron Ore (Sherwin Williams)

Another room we closed up – it’s funny you see everyone opening up spaces most of the time and I usually do too, but here it actually made a lot more sense to close! Getting rid of the door into the family room and putting french doors into the office made it a true office space and defined the room. It now has much more function as an office for a family. I wanted to make this room a little extra so instead of just four sheet rocked walls, we added this beautiful trim work in such a bold and dramatic dark color. There was a debate whether to put it on the back wall or this side wall and I definitely wanted it to be noticed as soon as you walked in the front door. I’ve done a lot of these walls in the past where it’s a square grid, so doing more of a ladder / stair-step style was just a tweak on a very traditional trim work style. I like the feeling of this room being a little bit more masculine, but we threw in the feminine artwork and feminine touches to create a nice balance. These chairs are a favorite and are incredibly comfy. They have an antique vibe like they’re 100 years old but they’re actually new and available at my store!

Family Room

Light Fixture: Kichler | Art: Susan Pepe | Fireplace Stone: Daltile | Wall Color: Naval (Sherwin Williams) | Rug, coffee table and benches under window: Available at Growing Days Home | Pillows: Custom upholstery from Weave Gotcha Covered, contact Growing Days Home

Holy transformations! So this room when we started was so dark and dated with a lack of natural light and that heavy fireplace mantle and flanking built-ins. The space felt really closed up and there were so many doors – 5 doors in fact – which left no room for ideal furniture placement in here. So that was another reason that closing up the office door made so much sense. It added a lot of wall space to this room.

Getting rid of the built-in bookcases meant we could put windows in and bring in more natural light to brighten the space. This house sits on three acres at the top of a hill and has gorgeous views from every direction so finding ways to embrace that view was a priority. I loved how we did the simple square windows, leaving room below to add the benches and making it an intentional space. I think keeping the windows at that size and height also helped the room feel taller. These are only 8 ft ceilings so making it feel as large as possible was important to me. We also got rid of all the crown molding so that there wasn’t a trim line to shorten the room.

I also wanted to give some depth to the space, so painting that back wall this dark blue made a difference in how deep the room felt. And with so much bright white everywhere else in here, that dark wall just draws your eye in. We did a beautiful soapstone fireplace surround with this traditional mantle. The soapstone fireplace is so beautiful. I love that we wrapped the hearth with stone as well – that’s one of the things that is hard to make happen but the mitered edge, you can’t even see the seam. It’s almost like it’s one big block of stone but it’s actually built that way and it’s stunning! The mantle ties together with the entryway trim work and the trim work in the office and around this room. You can see the repetition with the trim throughout the home being very crisp and clean. Everywhere we had the opportunity to duplicate it, that was the goal. And lastly, of course, I love a good fireplace insert! This insert from Complete Home Concepts was my cozy spot where I sat and relaxed between filming takes. I know that whoever gets to live here is going to love that as well!

Changing out the sliding glass door to be French doors was another thing that upgraded this space immensely. I feel like that’s one of those things that really changes the vibe. A sliding glass door just feels so eighties and so instead, this feels modern and fresh and also just increases the flow of the space. You can have both doors open for entertaining and have no barrier between indoors and out. It’s so functional!

Furnishings-wise, because we’re right by those French doors, we went with a nice indoor/outdoor rug in a herringbone pattern. This coffee table is one of my favorites because it’s a great size and I love the two-tier, but it’s also nice to have the circular shape to contrast all the straight lines and angles in the room. Fun fact about the coffee tables: they’re sold individually actually so if you have a large room, you could add another one and have either two smaller flanking a large or two large flanking a small.



Art: Lorra Kurtz | Light Fixtures: Kichler | Countertops + Backsplash: Daltile | Cabinet Paint Color: Cascades (Sherwin Williams) | Runner: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

This is my favorite kitchen we’ve done this season because of the flow and SO MUCH FUNCTION, not to mention how beautiful it is. The transformation was phenomenal. The symmetry of having doors on both sides of the stove area makes the eye very happy, and the color is so much fun. The cabinet color is classic but also very bold, and adding the “X” detail on the side of the island really brings in that traditional vibe. This is a 10-foot island! Using a giant slab of stone in the bright white and continuing the white wall color against such a dark cabinet color made the room feel huge. On top of that, this kitchen has natural light coming from so many directions. Through the two doors flanking the stove – one to the mud space/laundry and one to the pantry, and the large banquet area and the back door, this was such a bright space so it could handle the dark cabinetry. Then using the white countertop and backsplash just made it feel crisp and clean, and the oversized hardware on the pantry cabinetry pops! The light fixtures are such a nice traditional addition to the space and I think it’s important to note that finishes in the space to not all have to be the same. We did black lights and the faucet here but went with bright brass hardware on the green cabinets and I think it’s beautiful and gives it an eclectic vibe.

There is insane storage in this kitchen. I would love to have this kind of storage in my house. We also added two dishwashers left and right of the sink which is super functional for a large family.

One fun thing about this kitchen is Dad finally found his dead body: a little mouse! He was very excited and I thought it was super gross.



Banquette Walls: Daltile

This is my favorite banquet I’ve done and it’s so spacious! We pulled the same green from the cabinetry for the bench seating. Then, above the banquet is all marble tile with amazing detail work. We did a bullnose trim tile around each window so it looks super elegant.

Laundry / Mud Room

Pendant Light Fixture: Kichler | Sconces: Kichler | Cabinet Paint Color: Daffodil (Sherwin Williams) | Wallpaper: Wallquest Pieni Tiara | Countertop: Daltile | Floor: Daltile

It’s interesting to think that there was such a long skinny mud space/laundry room that ate up so much space, so by taking this wall out and opening up that closet to turn this all into kitchen space, we made the massive kitchen possible. We then moved the door from the garage down into this new mud space which made the flow so much better and since we added in so much storage and a “drop zone” for the family in the mud space, it makes so much more sense to enter through this room.

This laundry room tops all laundry rooms for me. I love how cheerful and colorful it is! Dad HATED this wallpaper when we were picking it out and I told him he had to love it because I did, and I’m so glad I stuck to my guns because it’s gorgeous. Especially against the bright yellow cabinetry and the black – flooring tile, countertop/backsplash, and the black hardware. I just love the way the entire space feels so fresh and enjoyable. It’s definitely the loudest part of the home but I definitely think when you walk in through the garage into this space when you’re coming home at the end of the day you don’t have any choice but to be happy. It’s kind of like my own garage door into my house that says “be nice or leave” – this room is the color representation of that message!

And I’m super jealous of this space, it’s absolutely massive. It’s a huge room with such great storage and having the doors closed for the kid’s junk is so smart.



Cabinet Paint Color: Intimate White (Sherwin Williams) | Countertops: Daltile | Backsplash: Daltile | Rug: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

By repurposing the old dining room into what is now the mud space/laundry that you just saw, we used the other half for this gorgeous pantry! I’m somewhat obsessed with this blush pink color. It’s so soft and subtle and such a nice cozy space. Personally, I would use this space as a baking room. This is where my mixer would go, my coffee maker, and I would turn this into a coffee bar / wine bar / baking area – very specialized. I think it’s such a fun way to use the space. It’s long and narrow but crazy functional and has all that bright natural light. And I do love that marble tile with the inlaid mirror effect as a really elegant upgrade. I think the three spaces of the pantry / kitchen / mudroom are just so cheerful and fun! If I ever move, I hope that my kitchen is as functional as this.


First Floor Bathroom

Light Fixture: Kichler | Countertop: Daltile | Shower Wall Tile: Daltile | Floor Tile: Daltile | Wall Color: Aqua-Sphere (Sherwin Williams)

It’s super rare to have a full bathroom off the kitchen, but it seemed like a waste to get rid of it. We didn’t need any extra space and with such a great backyard, I imagined kids are going to be coming in and out of that back door covered in mud so why not leave it and make it an awesome bathroom and a space that kids can enjoy that embraces the outdoor living you get to do if you live here. You don’t have to drag kids through the house to clean them off! Design-wise, we kept it light and fresh.


2nd Floor Hall Bathroom

Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Color: Repose Gray (Sherwin Williams) | Cabinetry Paint Color: Snowbound (Sherwin Williams) | Countertop: Daltile | Floor: Daltile | Shower Walls: Daltile

This was all cosmetic – we didn’t change the footprint or anything except for colors and feeling. I chose the beautiful herringbone floor tile, which I’ve used a couple of times this season and I really like the feel of it. In here, we did it on its side. I love this blue tile too, it’s just a fun tile that has so much texture and I really like the wavy-ness of it for movement. It adds a little pop of color but doesn’t feel trendy, especially when you pair it with a soft gray wall and black details with the white cabinet. It just feels very classic and timeless. We went with this tub because I really liked the square shape complimenting all the rectangular tile work and herringbone.


Master Bedroom

Ceiling Wallpaper: Wallquest Grass Texture Print with Textile Strings | Chandelier: Kichler | Art: Marjolyn Van Der Hart | Art: Elizabeth Lane | Rug: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

Holy cats this was a big room and it felt very eighties! We brought hardwoods in here as well, getting rid of the carpet. We embraced the vaulted ceiling, which is a little bit dated but we did a stringcloth wallpaper so it feels like a fifth wall in this room that completes the space and adds dimension. For the rest of the ceiling in here and in the master bathroom, we painted the ceilings to match all the trimwork in the nice greige color. When you have a darker trim like this, I like to do white walls to make it feel bright, light, and airy.

The rug in here is one of my favorites! I’m thinking about ordering it for my own house. Just a really great touch with the ceiling. The light fixture feels really elegant. In general, there wasn’t much to change in this room besides colors and floor. And then that master sitting area…


Master Sitting Area

Wallpaper: Wallquest Hexagon Geometric | Fireplace Wall Tile: Daltile

I love it when a master bedroom has a sitting area and this is no exception. You could tell when we first walked through this house that someone else always thought a fireplace should go here obviously! They had painted the hole black and put in a faux mantle but there was no actual fireplace, so that was what gave me the inspiration. We actually built the wall forward to accommodate this and did shrink the space by a couple of feet, but I think it was well worth it to add a fireplace and since it was an exterior wall, it was pretty easy to do.

I wanted to do a little bit more of a modern look on the tile and fireplace. Instead of doing a big box fireplace, I chose this linear style that was set in higher so you could see it from the bed and you could put a nice settee here. It warms the room beautifully and surrounding that entire wall in this marble tile was so incredible. I wanted to compliment but not compete with the tile so I chose the soft wallpaper on the side walls. It definitely extends the colors and patterns and makes the whole space feel cohesive. I felt like tiling all 3 walls – even for me – was too much, so the wallpaper was a perfect alternative!



Master bathroom

Light Fixture: Kichler | Floor Tile: Daltile | Countertop: Daltile | Vanity Backsplash: Daltile | Shower Side Walls: Daltile | Shower Accent Wall & Cubbies: Daltile | Shower Floor: Daltile | Shower Bench & Shower Step: Daltile | Master Bathroom Vanity: Functional Gray (Sherwin Williams)

This master bathroom was a huge space and definitely not necessary to be that big, so changing the flow of this made all the difference because we were able to borrow from this bathroom and add a full bathroom into the kid’s bedroom on the other side. The layout of the vanities was decently functional but the angled wall seemed pointless so we added a cabinet there to create a lot more storage space and better define the room so you get a beautiful vanity area on either side.

That crazy master shower was so great that I didn’t feel like you had to have a tub. You get the big huge rain head, the double shower heads, and then the bench. Tiling all of it was a really extra detail and I love how the tile wraps the floor and up the back wall for the accent. We did a herringbone floor tile for the rest of the bathroom and as a compliment – it’s a very subtle detail but you really notice it in person – on the vanities, we actually wrapped the countertop in a huge miter that matches the height of the drawers so you have all of this visual space that is clean and crisp, but still has tons of storage below. And then we matched the tile from the shower for the vanity backsplash for continuity in the space. I went with this bathroom tile because it compliments the fireplace tile. It doesn’t match exactly but the tones and the colorways do, and it is just a nice flow between the spaces.


Master closet

Light Fixture: Kichler

What a closet this is! For one, it’s huge! It was such a waste of space with how it was originally laid out and the old carpeting had to go. Having an exterior window is so nice but that octagon window felt dated and didn’t bring in any real light so changing the window to be a rectangular window kept it high enough that you had privacy and you still have storage space but gave you so much more natural light. The other thing about this closet, there’s actually a door that goes into attic space and we plumbed it so that eventually someone could add a washer/dryer laundry room upstairs. We didn’t have the time or budget to make that happen because it meant structural changes to the ceiling of the garage that wasn’t worth it for me, especially with the killer laundry room downstairs.


Kids Bedroom

Light Fixture: Kichler | Art: Cassie Lane

This room was mostly cosmetic but the big change was being able to add a nice size kids bathroom. We updated the paint, carpet and light fixture, and staged it with neutral and cheerful furnishings.


Kids Bathroom

Art: Glenna Adkins | Backsplash Tile: Daltile | Countertop: Daltile | Vanity Paint Color: In The Navy (Sherwin Williams) | Vanity Pulls: Addison Weeks Hardware | Vanity Backsplash (Behind Mirror): Daltile | Vanity Backsplash (Tile Frame): Daltile | Shower Wall: Daltile | Shower Floor & Bathroom Floor: Daltile | Bathroom Floor (Splatter Pattern): Daltile | Vanity Light: Kichler

This is the bathroom we were able to create by taking space from the master en suite. And this turned out to be one of my favorite bathrooms! I love the hex tile and how we did the scattered effect on the floor with the two colors. It’s actually a navy tile, not black which can be hard to tell in photos. I originally had a whole different plan for this bathroom but timeline and budget struck here. We literally had the cabinet installed and the tile was going to be really basic and boring, and I was like “please let me do something fun!” so I took a few minutes to think and came up with this framing plan above the vanity and scattered effect on the floor. We had some leftover of this blue tile and white subway tile from other projects so it came together perfectly. I really like how the cabinet is floating so you get the effect of the floor. Overall, just a great teenage room for a boy or girl.