Behind the Design: Soffit Saga

Like I said in the episode, this house started out so confused – was it a french provincial with the ceiling tiles installed on the exterior? Was it a Craftsman with that craftsman style front door or was it a Mid-Century Modern? So we stripped out the french faux panels, got rid of the green and mustard color palette and turned it into this beautiful and calming home all the way from the curb through the entire house. Take a look behind the design:


Pavers: Daltile® Delegate™ 20 x 40 Pavers in Light Grey | Sconce: Original to home | Walkway Lighting: Kichler

I went with a combination of warm and cool tones for this house. The soft ivory exterior is very warm and inviting along with the cedar trim, but then for the front door windows and garage I chose a stark black that’s much cooler to balance it out. I definitely went a little bit more modern and sleek with the gorgeous pavers and all of the exterior lighting lining the sidewalk. I wanted the path to feel really elegant and sleek instead of the messed up cobblestone and that gigantic tree so clearing it out really cleaned up the entire look and I think the cedar accents make it very inviting, don’t you?


Family Room

Chandelier: Kichler | Original Art: Jennyfer Mancino  | Alternative Art Print: Magnolia I

Goodness that soffit! When you originally walked through that front door, the very first thing you saw was the giant soffit. It was so heavy and made the space feel small. My very first though was “How fast can we get this soffit out of here?” It ruined the flow and the form of the entire house completely because it went not just through the family room, but all the way through the kitchen as well. And then that wall between the family room and the dining room as well just closed everything up and made it all feel so small, and for a house this huge that’s just a shame. But once that soffit was out and we were able to put in the beautiful wood beam, the space was totally transformed! I wanted to keep certain elements flowing throughout the home, so instead of just having a big sheetrock covered beam, I chose to wrap it in wood and tie that wood into the staircase and then into the breakfast nook area. So we have lots of interesting wood tones throughout the space.

Seriously, how lucky was that with the mantle?! Someone had taken the original mantle and covered it with a bunch of trim to make it look more traditional, which really did not fit in style-wise. The trim was covering up a big box square mantle, which was exactly what I had in the vision boards for this house!

And then these existing windows – gigantic! Floor-to-ceiling letting in tons of natural light and these drapes were actually original to the house. We just had to take them down and get them cleaned.

Dining Room

Wall Tile: Daltile® Vivify™ Stained Glass Mosaic in Midnight Dream | Chandelier: Kichler

Let’s talk about that dining room statement wall – holy cow, what a moment! That was pretty phenomenal. I have to say using that stained glass tile was such a treat and taking it floor-to-ceiling on a wall made such a huge impact for this house. This is one of those things that I think you see it and know that it is definitely high end. But then on top of it, we put these custom built-in shelves that were stunning.

I love all the black accents throughout this entire house from the garage door, the front door, the exterior lighting – on into the fireplace mantle, the graywash on the wood paneling, the black doors, the black accents of the tile and of course the beautiful brass band on the black shelves is that subtle touch that ties the dining room into the kitchen with the black cabinets and the brass hardware and those black lights.


Countertop + Backsplash Stone: Daltile® Natural Stone Slab – Natural Quartzite in Moreno | Black Sconces: Kichler | Island Pendants: Kichler | Original Art: Karen Dreyer | Original Art: Windy O’Connor

In the kitchen, I chose black for the cabinetry to continue our theme flowing through this house and because it just felt like the modern twist on mid-century style. This beautiful quartzite countertop coming up the backsplash lightened the kitchen the perfect amount to make it so striking and I think the black brings the veining out in the stone. Doing the modern shelf is just such a win for a kitchen like this. I know a lot people would argue that we should have put upper cabinets in for storage, but the reality is this is a much more beautiful space to live in and there’s tons of storage in the walk-in pantry and all the lower cabinets.

Breakfast Nook

Pendant: Kichler | Wallpaper: Thibaut

What house is complete without an eat-in nook?! This one fit the vibe of the house so well. We had all the vertical planking surrounding the staircase so we continued it into the breakfast nook but took it horizontal for this space to mix it up a bit and define this nook separately from the other spaces. We also wrapped the walls in this stunning Thibaut wallpaper – one of my favorite patterns of theirs – and then hung this killer Kichler light that I love. We used this in a dining room in the past in their linear version, and this one did not disappoint either!


Wall Tile: Daltile® Mythology™ 4 x 12 in Chronos | Floor Tile: Daltile® Keystones™ Penny Rounds Mosaic in Suede Gray (Matte) | Shelf Stone: Daltile® Natural Stone Slab – Natural Quartzite in Moreno | Wallpaper: Inyo Wood | Light Fixture: Kichler

In the laundry room we brought a woodsy but modern vibe with a pop of color into this space. We chose the gorgeous green tile as wainscoting wrapped around the room. Then on top of it, instead of doing just a fun paper we went with an actual wood wallpaper. It’s actually spliced wood that is like a veneer paper for your walls and it’s one of my favorites that we have in my retail store. It’s very warm and inviting, visually interesting and always commented on!

Main Suite – Bedroom

Wall Sconces: Kichler | Chandelier: Kichler | Original Art: | Original Art: Cheryl Wilson

I wanted to continue the black into this main suite because we had so much natural light coming in to this space from the back deck into the bedroom and then from the courtyard into the bathroom. I felt like we could pull off an entirely black room, which was definitely a bold choice, but with huge ceilings and so much space it felt like if I was every going to paint a whole bedroom black, this was the one to do it! The jewelry in the room is definitely the fantastic mid-century modern light fixtures in brass. Then to warm the space we added the cedar treatment up the wall and over across the ceiling that’s definitely unique and a little bit of a splurge but framed the room in an interesting way.

Main Suite – Bathroom

Vanity Backsplash: Daltile® Vertuo™ 24 x 48 in Stria Bravura | Countertop: Daltile® ONE Quartz Surfaces® – Nature Series in Kodiak | Walls and Floor: Daltile® Diplomacy™ 24 x 48 in Dark Grey (Matte) | Shower Floor: Daltile® Diplomacy™ Brick-Joint Mosaic in Dark Grey (Matte) | Vanity Mirrors: Kichler | Pendants: Kichler | Heated Floors: Warmly Yours

Wow to the tile! I love how we were able to use these large format tiles for the backsplash and the entire bathroom. It felt very modern and especially with the floating double vanity in a natural wood to soften all the black and porcelain and the white countertops. I wanted this bathroom to have a fluid feeling all the way through the space. The statement wall of the vanity was the wow factor and the pop with all the striation and then you turn and have a monochromatic bathroom with the black floors and the black walls. It really made for a calming space! But then to totally take it over-the-top, we used lit mirrors that have such an interesting architectural element to them that definitely brighten the room. Over the tub, instead of just doing a single fixture or can lights, we chose these three pendant lights to add sculpture to the space. I thought it would bring your eye up in the room and give you a floating anchor instead of just a giant white tub in a black room. These lights balance the top and the bottom of the space really nicely. Lastly, I went with a completely clear glass shower so that it didn’t interrupt the monochromatic vibe. I’d say one of the more dramatic bathrooms I’ve ever done!


Water Feature: Good Earth Water Gardens | Pavers: Daltile® Delegate™ 20 x 40 Pavers in Light Grey | Pebble Wall: Daltile® Raine™ Pebble Mosaic in Cirrus Storm

How unusual is that to have a courtyard off your main bathroom? This is one of those spaces that I love the idea of being able to relax and escape – get away from it all (2020, am I right?) with the gorgeous and calming water feature from Good Earth Water Gardens and a hanging chair to be cozy and relaxed in. We used the same pavers from the front walkway here in the courtyard to give it a more finished look and elevate the space instead of just pouring concrete. The pavers gave it more of a defined and interesting look, then we spread gravel in between and continued the look of gravel up the wall with the beautiful stone detail.

Back Deck

The back deck was a space that we didn’t have a ton of money to put into refreshing it. I wanted to spend it on the kitchen and bath instead, so we kept it simple out here by painting everything a crisp black and then, just to give it a touch more privacy, we added these hideaway screens so it felt more private so when you’re sitting out there you can really enjoy your space.


What do you think about this 1979 Mid-Century Modern renovation? It was a first for me, design-wise and I really enjoyed it!