This lakefront home on the outside was in pretty great shape! The roof was good, the windows were good, the style was pretty okay, but it needed a fresh coat of paint to make it a little more dramatic and it definitely needed a cleanup on all that landscaping. It was a really simple exterior change. Most of the front was brick so we didn’t really have to do a whole lot. I really liked the details on the corners of the house that bring the sweeping look down on the sides in front of the garage and side of the house because they added a little width to the front. I also love that it’s a side entry garage. That is one of my favorite things about my house. It keeps it interesting and gives you a little more privacy when the garage is on the side.


Light Fixture (Front Porch Alcove): Kichler | Light Sconce: Kichler | Light Fixture (Pergola): Kichler | Front Door Paint Color: Urban Bronze (Sherwin Williams) | Trim Color: Natural Choice (Sherwin Williams)




Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Cover: Repose Gray (Sherwin Williams) | Hardwood Look Tile Floor: Daltile 

When we first started on this house, this entryway was sad and scary! Somebody previously had started pulling up the tile flooring, and we found that there was a massive concrete bed that had to be chiseled out and cleaned up. You can also notice that we opened up that whole wall into the living room. Because the lake is right out front, kids are walking around with fishing poles, dogs are running around the neighborhood, and families are always out and about. It’s definitely a heavily populated area and I envision the family that’s going to live there is going to have a lot of kids, which means that there’s going to be water coming in and out of that front door. At my own home, though we don’t have a lake near us that my kids can play in, they still like to play in the sprinklers. Luckily for me, they enter the house either through the garage door or the backdoor. However, for this house, since the lake is out front, the front door is the main entry when the homeowner utilizes the lake. Because of this, I wanted to make sure this house was super durable. We went with this flooring tile that gives off the look of hardwood flooring throughout the house. I think this is one of those things that is definitely a little bit more California than Kansas, but for this home it made sense. We went with this floor tile that is called Revotile and it actually clicks together so that there is no mortar bed that it sits on. It’s like a floating floor, similar to that of a floating vinyl plank floor. It made for a super easy and fast install and it’s a great cost-effective way to get really low maintenance flooring. Here is a link to an installation video! I also really loved the color options. This one is the light blonde look flooring! It really brightened up the space, added the durability that we were looking for, and created a consistent flow throughout the house.



Living Room

Light Fixture: Kichler | Paint Color: Attitude Gray (Sherwin Williams) | Wallpaper: Thibaut Rainwater | Art: Claire Gowdy | Art: Leslie Beck | Art: Jan Preston | Art: Erika Baker | Rugs: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

Initially, I wanted to open up this entire space; however, when we were opening up the wall, we learned that we had to have a header and support walls. Even though this was not the original plan, I wanted to make it seem intentional and it ended up being a beautiful addition to the living room because now you have two workable spaces. Opening up the wall definitely made this space more comfortable and having the built-in desks and open shelving makes this bonus space very functional. I can imagine my family hanging out in this space and watching a show while the kids are getting their homework done, well probably not so much getting homework done, but they would be pretending to get homework done while we’re watching a show.




Light Fixture Above Island: Kichler | Sconce Above Sink: Kichler | Wall Color: Repose Gray (Sherwin Williams) | Island Color: Fawn Brindle (Sherwin Williams) | Countertop: Daltile | Backsplash: Daltile  | Runner: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

Being a lakehouse, everything about the design of this home was about embracing the outdoors. We wanted to bring in that lakehouse vibe, but also make it a liveable home that functioned beautifully. Although it is a lakehouse, it is also near the city, so it’s not necessarily a vacation home. This is a home that someone is actually going to be living in full time.

In the kitchen, we went with these light stained cabinets for the lowers. One of the details that I love about them is that when you look at the door face, you can see the dovetail design. This just means that it’s darker on the side panels and lighter on the front panels. It really elevated the look of the space but kept it really clean and classic and the cabinets literally pull out so easily, which adds to the functionality and provides zero wasted space. For the upper cabinets, I wanted to give the potential homeowner options. I left them without doors on the cabinets, creating a unique style of open shelving; however, if they are wanting to add back the doors, they are also able to do so. We left them with the painted doors, so all they would have to do is screw them in! I personally like the open shelving because it makes the kitchen feel bigger and much more interesting. Because there is so much drawer storage, it’s easy to be able to leave the uppers open.

You may also notice that the location of the kitchen before is in the exact opposite space of where we ended up putting it. The kitchen was initially on the other end of the space and was small and super dated. We were able to save the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher and turn this kitchen into a beautiful space that is definitely a selling point for this home. This isn’t the largest kitchen island we’ve ever done, but it’s a great workspace and so I wanted to do something fun for the lights above it. We did these pendant lights that are actually wrapped in leather with brass details and they are really gorgeous! We also did the sconces over the kitchen window which made all the difference. Initially, the window sat much lower, but we had to replace it in order to make room for the cabinetry. We may have shortened the height of the window, but we kept the same width so the homeowner can still enjoy the view of the outdoors. Like in all my houses I always protect the countertops and surfaces with Rock Doctor’s cleaning products so when we walk out the door they are in perfect condition for the potential homeowners!


Hearth Room / Coffee Bar Area

Sconce: Kichler | Cabinetry & Floating Shelves Color: Fawn Brindle (Sherwin Williams) | Countertop: Daltile | Backsplash: Daltile | Art: MRobinson Artworks | Rug: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

I wanted to make sure that this space enveloped the whole area of the kitchen, the fireplace, the coffee bar, and then the banquette. All of it is just really one big beautiful space that ties everything together. Having this big open space made the kitchen feel massive, especially having the pantry at the other end, which I know is quite a walk, but it was totally worth it. Now you have this gorgeous walk-in pantry, which I know my kids would be in and out of a thousand times a day. Within the pantry, I left space along the far wall so that there was an area to put in a mini-fridge if the homeowner wanted to do so. In my world, I would keep that fridge stocked with all our milk and have all of our cereal on a nearby shelf so that every morning it’s like Grand Central Station. I also know for me that I would greatly utilize the coffee bar to make my morning coffee. I love how it creates the feeling of a sitting area in the kitchen, but you also have this beautiful banquette and they all flow nicely together. The other nice thing is that this is the perfect spot for entertaining. You can put a tv on the gorgeous mantle that is made of all reclaimed lumber, and watch your favorite sports team. This would make the perfect area to watch the Cheifs win the Super Bowl next year! This coffee bar can also easily be turned into a fun snack station and entertainment buffet.



WallColor: Repose Gray (Sherwin Williams) | Light Fixture: Kichler  | Art: Julie Venstra

I feel like adding in this banquette really changed the flow of everything because it made it such an intentional space to have your kitchen table in. Keeping the sink in that spot made it feel like an extension of the kitchen. I also loved that having that back door right there allowed all the natural beautiful light to come in.



Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Color: Silvermist (Sherwin Williams) | Countertop: Daltile | Backsplash: Daltile | Art: Jennifer Keim | Art: Chelle Gunderson | Runner: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

The pantry is one of those spaces that I went a little bit more glam in. I love the glam look so I wanted just a touch of it in this house and I felt like this was the space to do it in. I love the marble mosaic backsplash on the wall and the three lights that lead you into this beautiful space.


Master Bedroom

Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Color: Repose Gray (Sherwin Williams) | Fabric: Thibaut Gazzelle   | Art: Glenna Adkins | Art: Glenna Adkins | Art: Glenna Adkins | Art: Glenna Adkins  | Rug: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

This master bedroom was massive! There really wasn’t any definition between the bedroom and the sitting area, and the window placements were a little more on the awkward side. However, I wanted to embrace the look and feeling of the room with how I went about styling it. We wanted as much natural light to come in as possible, so we put this beautiful fabric on the windows, which ended up warming up the space as well. Because we liked the fireplace in the kitchen so much we decided to wrap this fireplace and update its look, which ties the whole house together in my opinion. Side note: love this rug that is under the bed so much! It’s one of those that might have to come home with me sooner than later because it’s such a beautiful rug that can go in so many spaces.


Master Bathroom

Light Fixture Above Tub: Kichler | Vanity Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Color: Iron Ore (Sherwin Williams) | Vanity Hardware: Addison Weeks | Countertop: Daltile | Floor Tile: Daltile | Shower Wall Tile: Daltile | Shower Floor Tile: Daltile | Wainscott Tile: Daltile   | Rug: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

I wanted this master bathroom to feel elevated and a little different from everything else we had done in the home, but still have the dark more masculine tones so we went with this beautiful marble link tile. We opened up the space which made room for this gorgeous floating tub and a huge shower with a built-in bench and a rain showerhead. We also finished off the room with a wrap-around wainscot tile. If you’ve seen my designs before, you know I love a good wainscotting. Also, painting the upper walls Iron Ore definitely made a statement! I went back and forth on whether to hang a piece of art above the bathtub, but honestly, the room created a statement itself and I didn’t want to take that away from it. Going with these black pendant lights hanging down beside the mirrors and the bathtub elevated the space making the bathroom feel really beautiful.

Master Closet

Light Fixture: Kichler | Wall Color: Snowbound | Floor: Daltile  | Art: Georgette

This was a HUGE space! What you’re not seeing here is that there is actually a door behind the painting and chest of drawers that leads to a safe room, which is kind of a bonus space. This would be great for storage of suitcases and off-season clothes, but then you also have this closet that we were able to put laundry into and this great built-in system.

Basement Living Room

Bar Pendant: Kichler | Light Over Pool Table: Kichler | Wall Color: Requisite Gray (Sherwin Williams) | Ceiling Color: Dovetail (Sherwin Williams) | Floor: Daltile | Rugs: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home | Art: Ryan Dougherty | Art: Tracy Thomas

While designing this space, we had to be mindful of our budget. We were dealing with low ceiling lines, and we didn’t want to make them any lower by adding in a finished ceiling, so we left it open. Painting the ceiling this light gray and having the tile flooring throughout tied it all together. What you’re not seeing is that behind the artwork is actually a really great spot for a tv!


Basement Bar

Countertop & Front of Bar: Daltile | Bar Backsplash: Daltile  | Candle: Growing Days Home

I wanted this bar area to feel a little elevated and masculine, so we ended up using this beautiful textured tile. It’s a little more modern than what we did upstairs, but I think the two floors work really nicely together.



Patio Furniture: Summer Classics | Rug: Kaleen Rugs, can be bought at Growing Days Home

This backyard had so much space with the deck right off of the kitchen. This pergola also made for a great space to entertain in! You would easily be able to open the door up and entertain indoor and outdoor and really just embrace the lakehouse vibe of this home.