Meet Tamara Day

Tamara Day of HGTV's Bargain MansionsDesigner Tamara Day is a purveyor of the glam and cozy. This busy wife and mother of four styles for the spirited home, mixing glam, comfort, and family. Tamara’s sense of style and eye for what works has created an insatiable demand for her interior design expertise, furniture and décor.

Tamara grew up on the Midwestern plains in Salina, Kansas. Her “do-it-yourself” skill set comes from growing up on a farm. Growing up, she learned all of her hands-on skills from her dad, Ward Schraeder. After getting married, Tamara and her husband took on old, dilapidated homes that no one wanted and turned them into beautiful spaces.

One home in particular made Tamara the sought after designer she is today. While rescuing a home from foreclosure and neglect, the economy tanked, forcing Tamara to do a lot of the work herself. To stay on budget, she went to estate sales and redesigned furniture to fit her vision for the house. Out of this experience, a new brand was born— Growing Days, Tamara’s interior design, furniture, décor and lifestyle business.

On HGTV & DIY Network’s Bargain Mansions, Tamara and her crew transform big, old houses that she finds at bargain prices. While respecting the integrity and history of the homes, she integrates modern design, function and style to the space – perfect for today’s families.

Fans of Tamara’s signature style and the DIY show can buy her specially curated finds for their own homes.


After graduating with a degree in communications at Kansas State, Tamara Day never thought she’d be where she is today, giving old homes new life.
In 2008, Tamara took on the biggest project of all. A 5,000 square foot 1980’s foreclosed home that required a complete re-haul to make livable. The home was a wreck when Tamara and Bill first bought the house. It was filled with trash and virtually all of the appliances that were left by the previous owner had been destroyed.

Tamara designed every inch of the house herself, but the recession hit that same year and the Days had to quickly learn how to do a lot of things on their own, especially Tamara. So, she picked up a hammer and got to work. Whatever could be done, if she could physically do it, she was working on it.

Eventually, the project that turned out to be a diamond in the rough got the attention of local magazines. And now, years later, Tamara has made a design career for herself both on and off the screen.

Bargain Mansions

Tamara is starring in her own DIY Network TV show “Bargain Mansions,” which will follow her and her team through the process of transforming local homes. “Bargain Mansions” is filmed in Kansas City as Tamara and her team bring all types of neglected houses in Kansas City back to life.

Tamara loves a bountiful home with layers and intentionality. “I like things that have meaning and story behind them,” Tamara said.
“Attainable but aspirational, laid back lux” is Tamara’s signature design style you will come to love.


It was a pleasure for Tamara to come and speak to our membership at the Junior League of Kansas City, MO. We loved hearing her story about how she got started, her favorite ways to stay inspired, and what her life is really like behind the camera. She’s so full of life and we are so thankful for her time with us! It was so wonderful to learn from her!
– Junior League of KC, MO

Tamara has been one of the main speakers at the Greater Kansas City Home & Lifestyle Show for three years in a row and each year the crowd coming to hear her speak has grown larger. Her passion for design resonates with the audience whether she is providing tips for DIY projects or advice on how to incorporate the latest style trends in a home. Her talent, hard work and love for restoring old homes are helping to revive and enrich not just houses but entire communities in Kansas City.
– Kansas City Home Show

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